Razer Peripheral (Mouse) Stopped working after MacOS Big Sur Update

Discussion in 'Razer Synapse' started by awesomeSpanishCrimson199, Nov 18, 2020.

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  1. nielsth

    nielsth New Member

    please fix this. users shouldn't have to resort to these kind of tricks to get the hardware working. Why is there no Chroma studio 3 for Mac anyway?
  2. bizBolevalley203

    bizBolevalley203 New Member

    please fix this. it is very inconvenient.
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  3. othy_time

    othy_time New Member

    just bought a vaper mini and have the same problem.
  4. iBiondolo

    iBiondolo New Member

    i thought that razer was a great "gaming mouse" producer.....but the lack of any sort of support is a shit....damn i never buy another razer items...
  5. Rooks103

    Rooks103 New Member

    I mean I think at this point, it's fair to say that Razer isn't going to release Synapse 3.0 for Mac. It was released in 2017. If it was going to be ported, it would have. Also, 2.0 was already garbage in Catalina (the whole having to unplug and replug devices after every boot), and now it's just completely broken in Big Sur (without some Recovery Mode hacking). I'm not willing to go through those steps to get a crappy product working. I'll just use Karabiner Elements for my keyboard, and lose speciality buttons on my mouse.

    Mac isn't Razer's priority, they never will be (since it's not a primary gaming platform), and I've seen enough Mac related threads on here with ZERO engagement from Razer to know it's a lost cause at this point. As a software dev, I get it. There's only so much time in the day, but I'd view them in a much better light if they just publicly said they don't support Mac, rather than claiming they do to sell more product, when in fact, they make devices that sure might work with a Mac, but none of the extra features will. For example, my Kraken headphones have features that only work with Synapse 3, meaning I'll never see that feature. I've always appreciated Razer's products, all the way back when I picked up my Razer Boomslang 2000, but since I'm on a Mac platform now, its probably just time to move to a different company.
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  6. nBoswastaken

    nBoswastaken New Member

    Just bought a ornata chroma keyboard and found out that the mac compatibility was a big fat lie. It's a nice keyboard but there's so much that I can't do with it so thanks for nothing Razer
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  7. fredili

    fredili New Member

    Very bad company - I will never buy one of your products again. I can't understand, that your not able to certify your driver for Mac. Can't use any of your products with Big Sur .
  8. warren.niles

    warren.niles New Member

    Same problem
  9. bitheatCinnabar512

    bitheatCinnabar512 New Member

    Same issue here. Returning the mouse and won't be purchasing naga stuff from now on.
  10. technoloki2105

    technoloki2105 New Member

    What the actual fuck Razer, it's been so long, first you don't give us a release date or any timeline for Synapse 3.0 for MacOS, then now, it's been more than 6 months since Big Sur breaks all our Razer peripherals and you don't even do anything to resolve the issue, are you purposely doing this to your MacOS razer user base for fun? I let the whole Synapse 3.0 thing slip, but then because of your lack of support, when a new OS is released, we can't use any of your products. I had to sell my Razer Keyboard and Mouse because it was useless on Big Sur. I have a Nommo Chroma remaining, but now i can't even increase or decrease volume using my keyboard BECAUSE IT CAN'T BE DETECTED VIA SYNAPSE 2.0!!!! GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER RAZER
  11. technoloki2105

    technoloki2105 New Member

    I do agree with you, but the part where you're saying 'There's only so much time in the day', come on, it's been 4 years since they released 2.0, why keep leading us on when it's clear they don't want to spend any resources on it. Razer isn't a startup anymore, they most definitely can invest 6-9 months in their roadmap to cater some fix or updates to their Mac Razer user base? This user base isn't small per se. Some decisions that were made at the top level were just bad, they'd rather lose out on this user base than allocate a small, fully functional team to work on Synapse 3.0, OR just a fix for 2.0 to work with BigSur and above. At the end of the day, I'm mad and upset, I've always used Razer because RGBlyfe, casual Dota once in a while, work and I just love their mice. It just hurts that a company can blatantly ignore a huge user base and make no official statements =( I'm using a Logitech MX Master 3 now, and it just feels so different and wrong....
  12. LoveMeBack

    LoveMeBack New Member

    Just bought the latest IMac. Already looking for a other mechanical keyboard. Synapse wasn’t great to begin with and now it’s not working at all. Still not fixed either. After the PS4 controller debacle and now this I can’t take this company serious anymore.
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