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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mystarlite, Sep 12, 2021.

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    Would anyone happen to know the colour codes for quartz pink and the grey that goes with it? I'm thinking of matching more peripherals and items (wireless charger, webcam, case, walls, moulding, door knob, etc.). Also, where would i source the quartz pink cable sleeving from without having to buy peripherals just to get the cables? Or maybe i can get fabric paint.

    I thought about looking for close colours but here in Canada the 12 OZ RUST-OLEUM PAINTER'S Touch 2X ULTRA COVER PAINT+PRIMER can only be had from amazon for $78.02.
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  2. piamelie

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    For the quartz pink: #fcbcc4 (taken from the Razer Opus X Quartz manufacturer photos)
    Grey Accent: #bcb6bc (from Opus X headset cushions. They had shading applied, but I took the most accurate I could find)
    As far as the cable goes, I'm not sure. Razer doesn't sell cables by themselves. (Which is a shame, because they're really nice)

    If you don't trust the manufacturer (my Kraken headset appears slightly.. pinker than the site photos), I would suggest taking a picture of your quartz peripheral(s) in the most neutral light possible, and then using a color picker to match that online.
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