Razer Phone 2 and Android Auto

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by everLemonvision697, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. everLemonvision697

    everLemonvision697 New Member

    I recently purchased a Kenwood DMX7705S that has Android Auto. I had it installed through Best Buy. Bluetooth seems to work well, but I want to use apps such as Waze. I am having difficulty getting my phone connected to the device even with Android Auto. I contacted Kenwood and they said there is nothing on the Razer Phone 2 that says it isn't compatible. Is there something on the Razer Phone side that might be preventing it from syncing correctly? Have anyone here had any issues with Android Auto and their Razer Phone 2?
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  2. Athyr

    Athyr New Member

    I would suggest that you double check to make sure the phone isn't connected to another Bluetooth device at the same time. One device at a time will ensure that you have no problems. Good luck.
  3. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Android Auto is one of those platforms that has more issues than you can imagine. There's no device that doesn't have an issue with it in some way or form.

    If you shoot me a bug report after it fails I can add it to the feedback list.
  4. lamaole313813

    lamaole313813 New Member

    The issue I've seen with Android Auto is rapid crashing, usually a couple times a day. While in use I haven't seen your issue on my end (VW Jetta) but while not in use I'll randomly repeatedly get "Android Auto Keeps Stopping." But like Rox598 said I've read on other phone forums that the app itself seems to be finicky, so I don't know if it's our phone that's the problem.
  5. mx3baker

    mx3baker New Member

    I get the crashing as well. Using this with Ford Sync3. My other phones worked fine.
  6. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega Member

    Android Auto still doesn't work even with the Pie update (despite being told it would be fixed with a system update). It still doesn't bring up the connected display in my car (2016 Honda Accord).

    This, and the lack of support for ARcore, are my only issues with the phone. Everything else about it is perfect to me.
  7. ControlNode

    ControlNode Member

    One of the biggest issues with Android Auto among Ford Sync3 users I've seen is with the cables or device. I always recommend using the OE cable that came with the phone for AA. I have the Kenwood DDX-9905S and using Pixel phones AA has worked fine for me, wireless connection sometimes lost on longer drives, but for longer drives I normally use the USB so that it is charging.
  8. BPMOmega

    BPMOmega Member

    Thought I'd provide an update here...

    I went to my dealer's service center today, and they performed a software update on my car. Now Android Auto connects just fine!

    There's still the matter of the app constantly crashing on the phone, though.
  9. alexsamag

    alexsamag New Member

    AA works fine for me, however I get the "stopped working" warning everytime I close the app and it won't go away.
  10. alexsamag

    alexsamag New Member

    I returned my phone, this problem is embarrassing...
  11. I had this issue as well, then I read a post about going into developer options, and setting background process limit to 2 processors... Fixed it immediately for me.
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