Razer Phone 2 bluetooth audio codec after Android 9 Pie

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by masklee, Mar 19, 2019.

  1. masklee

    masklee New Member

    Hi All
    Just updated my Razer Phone 2 to Android Pie 9, originally was trying to check if they have added the AptX HD or LL codec in , but turns out the codec that is being used to transmit to my bluetooth true wireless earbud (Sennheiser MOMENTUM TW) has been downgraded to SBC, before upgrading to Pie, it was using AAC (checked under "Developer Option") and there is no way to change it, not even on developer option, double checked the "HD Audio: AAC" switched ON under the connected bluetooth device.

    Can anyone help to confirm if you have the same problem? not sure if it is only my device or it is actually the bug of the upgrade, or even worse they stopped the license for AAC in Android Pie altogether...........:frown_:

    btw, did Razer get the license for aptx HD or LL for razer phone 2 on andorid 9 Pie anyway? heard they didn't get it on android 8 oreo, was hoping they'd have it on pie.....
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  2. RazTaz

    RazTaz New Member

    Same problem here...I tried in developer options but it defaults to SBC.
    Retailing a flagship phone without high quality audio codecs. ??
    This is not acceptable.All my hi end Bluetooth audio devices now sound like junk with Razer phone 2.
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  3. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    This is a HUGE disappointment. I wish I had researched this before I bought the phone because its almost a deal breaker for me. I did a quick test with my Sony Hear 2s which supported LDAC on my Moto Z3 and the audio difference was OBVIOUS. They really need to add either AptX or LDAC.

    I've heard AAC is supported but I don't see anything about it on the phone.
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  4. AlexVienna76

    AlexVienna76 New Member

    Interesting... On my razer phone 2 I do have the Option to select aptX HD Audio as Audio Codec available. See my screenshot. Or am I misunderstanding something...
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  5. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    It always goes back to SBC no matter what you select. I tested it last night several different ways.
  6. AlexVienna76

    AlexVienna76 New Member

    You are right . Sorry for missing that. But does the system not select the best available connection automatically? On another phone of mine it is handled that way.
  7. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    I imagine it would if there were any options besides SBC. I can't believe we literally only got the weakest kind.
  8. AlexVienna76

    AlexVienna76 New Member

    Thats what my headphone connection looks like on the phone... so at least AAC is supported Screenshot_20190403-154012.png
  9. RazTaz

    RazTaz New Member

    All those listed hi quality codecs under the developer options are just place holder and those codecs are not available.I contacted Razer support and they wrote me back saying there are no current plans of adding LDAC support.
  10. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    What about AptX ?

    That option appeared for me too when I got home and connected to the headphones.
    However I have a pair of Sony Hear 2s and they are still connecting at SBC even with AAC enabled :/ .
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  11. RazTaz

    RazTaz New Member

    no i only asked about LDAC. LDAC is part of android AOSP after oreo. It does not require a licence fee. Requires some kind of certification process which i don't know the details. Aptx hd requires some licence fee i believe so Razer is may be avoiding it. My 3 year old android phone has ldac support. i thought it would be easisest to implement so thats why i only asked about it.
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  12. DumpsterJ

    DumpsterJ New Member

    OMG I love this phone the last week. Please add LDAC and make it perfect Razer !!!
  13. RazTaz

    RazTaz New Member

    Razer Vanguard at the xda forum was collecting the suggestions regarding RP2. Many people at xda were requesting aptx variants and ldac codec to be added. I hope they add one of these high quality codecs into next update.
  14. Rox598

    Rox598 one Dragonball short of a wish VANGUARD

    It was the 2nd most requested thing from XDA lol

    In the end it's all down to Razer and their software team if they can implement community feedback I just pass it on.
  15. cleankut

    cleankut New Member

    Come on Razer, this is BS...Gaming phone with no HQ audio support. This is my last razer product.
  16. At least the wired audio sounds awesome with the 24 bit dac.. however I just looked this up because my sony wh-1000xm3s support ldac and it's kind of disappointing that the phone doesn't support the audio format.
  17. radioCyanplane920

    radioCyanplane920 New Member

    Wired audio is great, if just someone would create truly durable type-c - 3.5mm jack adapter. The one provided with the phone broke in about 1 month use while working and having phone in my pocket.

    I honestly thought the bluetooth audio codec was because of the devices I was using, but now that I have Shure SE-535 connected with RMCE-BT2 (shure official bluetooth cablepack) which supports bluetooth 5.0. This phone dont support the high quality codecs.. So bullshit, lucky me that I only paid 230euros for this shit phone.
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