Razer Phone 2 bluetooth connectivity issue

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by DRal10, Sep 9, 2019.

  1. DRal10

    DRal10 New Member

    Anyone have any issues with connecting their Razer Phone 2 with a Volkswagen car stereo via bluetooth? Specifically, a 2016 Sportwagen S with standard issue stereo system and bluetooth module. I keep getting an intermittent connection and an error window on the phone. Other phones / devices (Sony phone, Samsung tablet) are able to connect. My Razer Phone 2 is current on the updates with Android Pie. Also, my Razer phone is able to connect to my soundbar and laptops (work and home) via bluetooth with no apparent issues.
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  2. Edwin4321

    Edwin4321 New Member

    I connect great with my Chrysler for media, my issue is that during calls it switches from hands-free back to the phone for some reason, dealing with support for it now, I already tried the hard reset
  3. DRal10

    DRal10 New Member

    Sold the phone on eBay. Nothing more to see here...:sleeping:
  4. geoFollycafe302

    geoFollycafe302 New Member

    I have the same issue on my 2015 Hyundai Gensis! Nothing I do fixes it.
  5. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    It struggles connecting to anything especially my Razer wireless charger and Honda CR-V. Everything will eventually connect but will take massive patience, retries, and sometimes fresh re-pairing.

    We need another OS patch to address Bluetooth.

    I also look forward to the day when industry moves on from this failed technology. It has never worked. NFC is more reliable.
  6. geoSmittenclub871

    geoSmittenclub871 New Member

    I have issues sometimes in the car, but even my iPhone 7+ had intermittent issues with not connecting right away.my Bluetooth issues are with wireless headphones. I constantly have drops in connection resulting in quick blips while listening to music. I actually had a pair of Galaxy Buds that I had to return because she the signal would drop they would make an electronic interference type of noise. I guess this is more because of them communicating together. I have a pair of Sony ear buds, buds connected to each other by wire, and really have drops when I am doing some sort of activity where the phone is more than 10" from the head phones. Really hoping for a fix on this.

    And also, more often than not, while wearing my Galaxy Watch and I answer a call on the phone (not on the watch) the screen will remain on, the watch will be selected as the medium for the call but all sound is coming out of the phone. I can't change it either so I have to hold the phone up to my ear but slightly away so I don't hit something on the screen.
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