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Razer Phone 2 display yellow tint problem

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by JinNiiSama, Feb 25, 2019.

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  1. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    The reason I ask is simply because I like to try to figure things out for myself; in this instance it would be trying to answer the question "Why would Razer put a screen that is remarkably different from one phone iteration to the next?" I don't work for Razer, so don't REALLY have any kind of direct answers to those types of questions (and @Rox598 has way more information regarding these phones than I do anyway).

    Shoot, I don't even have a RP2, hence my needing to ask those types of questions about the difference in color temperature, just so I can try to do some experimenting with different styles and kelvin settings of lights.

    I have found that when I am outside with my RP1 it looks cool (what I can see against the glare of my protective glass), and then head indoors, then my screen looks super-blue. If I turn on night light and add some warmth to my screen, when I go outside it looks a more moderate white, but as I head inside it looks cooler but not quite blue.

    What does this mean?

    Absolutely nothing to RP2 owners ... but quite possibly there was a choice to use a warmer screen to counteract the cooler color temperature of sunlight while not having the screen look really blue when going from sunlight to incandescent or fluoro. I like the sound of that better than "that's how the screen is".
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  2. JinNiiSama

    JinNiiSama New Member

    there is nothing vibrant about yellow tint effect.
    I mean night light feature is there for a reason, why make it like this, i just wan to see some white but all i get is yellowish screen its just so weird. They might as well just remove night light in the setting since its pretty much 24/7 on. As much as i really want to like the phone, they ruin the display. Even in video or games, its so noticeable that i pretty much just off the phone and let it collect dust.

    Well , for someone like me who been on desktop most of the time, RP1 screen felt more natural. I dont know about it being too blue on indoor since it looks pretty fine to me. But for RP2, the yellowish tint effect is very obvious. Every single time i took my RP2 out, its always that effect thats abit triggering. As for the indoor outdoor part, well i dont think we all use it under the sun often. The only time i use it under the sun is usually to check for message or smth. else i would go under a shade which the yellow tint effect will be there to greet you. To be honest, i was happy when they said they gonna increase the RP2 brightness, but did not expect them to pull a fast one on me. It is a flagship phone right, i dont think many will use it outdoor directly under the sun most of the time.
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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s not only under the sun, unfortunately I sold already my RP1 if you use it on car as navigation you’ll also notice that RP2 is way more bright. Display warmness is user personal matter. If you’re getting used to most blue with brightness desktop screen RP1 is more friendly to you. As I showed on desktop monitor comparison above, I’m using warmer desktop screen as well the other one is more white due 4K and higher nits. The warm one is flagship gaming monitor predator 1440p 165Hz, so moving to RP2 isn’t an issue at all to me since I use that monitor most of time and 4K one I use for mostly PS4 Pro. And I saw this today on the first 2019 flagship phone, seemly s10 comes with warm display compared S9. Maybe I’m wrong or there’s more setting to bring blue light for users like you since it’s display unit I couldn’t get deeper on setting. BB1C7EA4-0C5C-46B7-8CEE-B4367BD3912E.jpeg
  4. PT.Singer

    PT.Singer Jedi Master VANGUARD

    Hmmmm, I'd be interested to see if the S10+ has the same warmth when it drops here. If I had known there was this concern to many people I would have done a comparison with my RP1 (and my co-worker's S9) against the S10+ when a Samsung rep was showing it off to a local telco at one of my gigs not too long ago. Missed opportunity.
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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    It’s also being discussed on their forum.
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  6. yonoshiro

    yonoshiro New Member

    I just want to be clear gentlemen. The RP2 screen is overall fantastic and although it is a warm display, it is vibrant with good contrast and saturation. That said, all we are seeking is an acknowledgement or statment from Razer as to whether or not the waemth is by design.

    As a prime example, when I got my Galaxy S4 back in the day, there was a reddish tint over everything. Not everyone noticed it, some people said it was natural for Amoled screens with high contrast and "pop". Yet it was raised time and time again and Samsung issued an update that restored the accuracy of the display's colour profile.

    It is my intention to steer this thread in a similar vein so as to at least get an official statement from Razer either way. Closure is the name of the game. Even with the slight yellow undertones the display is still gorgeous. I just firmly believe that it can be better. The white balance is only a little bit off. It really isn't that bad but it is noticeable.
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  7. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    I'm not sure if you are referring to your specific phone or in general. I am just saying I have seen multiple RP1's in person.. and I noticed a better screen all around the day I got my RP2. The colors pop more with the brightness being increased and when I look at them side by side I see nothing but improvement. I will keep you posted when I get some official insight.

    To follow up on this... it is my thought that this IS intentional by Razer. I am 99% sure from my own knowledge and experience in tech. I don't believe there is anything off or wrong about the screens and is in fact by design. I just do not want to quote Razer directly as I am trying to find out if this is public info.
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  8. Wubai91

    Wubai91 New Member

    Other than a better screen, did you notice the white on RP2 is slightly more yellow than the white on the RP1?

    I hope this yellow tint issue is consistent across all RP2 and not just on specific or some RP2.
  9. Firebat246

    Firebat246 The One

    Again it is my belief that yes it was by design and across the board. If I can get a public statement I definitely will.
  10. Wubai91

    Wubai91 New Member

    Finally got the time to compare my RP2 with another RP2. It seems my RP2's screen is more yellow with the same settings night mode off, 100% brightness and vivid colour settings.
    The slight yellow tint is fine as long as it is consistent but my RP2 is more yellowish.
  11. nvmsht

    nvmsht New Member

    This is called the blue light filter. A feature for Android phones, which reduces the Blue lights emitting from your mobile phone display to protect eye irritation. It's pretty normal.
  12. yonoshiro

    yonoshiro New Member

    No my friend. It most certainly is not. There is indeed a blue light filter feature within the software but if you were to read the thread, you would see that it is not what we are discussing and is in fact separate and apart from same.
  13. If I exchange my phone will I be dealing with the same issue or will a newer phone not have the yellow glare? The blue light is easy on my eyes, the yellow tint tends to stress them out (I know it's the opposite for most but I have astigmatism+near+far sighted).
  14. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    You'll still have the same. The screen is just a warmer tint than the RP1 (which is a cooler screen) so it's normal and there's no calibration tools to change it to a cooler tint.
  15. yonoshiro

    yonoshiro New Member

    I wanted to believe that the yellow undertone was calibration issue by design. However, if this was the case then one would expect all RP2 screens to exhibit the same shade and intensity of yellow (save for minor negligible differences due to the variable nature of each individual screen).

    Unfortunately, I have had the opportunity to inspect two other RP2 screens and they all have noticeably different degrees of yellow tint. My own phone appeared to be the least affected in that my yellow undertone is not that prominent and is only truly brought to the forefront when compared to another phone screen.

    That said, the other two RP2s had screens that were so deeply yellow tinted that it could not be ignored.

    The plot thickens.
  16. I got my replacement, same yellow tint issue but this one also comes with a failing internal storage and a manufacturer crack on the screen (only noticeable when light is placed near it).
  17. Afflospark

    Afflospark New Member

    As I read your Razor phone screen have a yellowish tint.
    First of all, it's not a software problem. Actually, when the phone screen's made in different factories and batches so there is some slight variance in the display's colour they always have.
    To prevent these issue companies regularly gives updates for their phones. So you have to wait for the next update.
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