Razer phone 2 mobile data and wifi problem, please help

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by RockMachine666, Aug 29, 2019.

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  1. RockMachine666

    RockMachine666 New Member

    Ok, so I got my RP2 about two weeks ago and since I got it It seems like my phone always get disconected from my wifi and when I turn wifi off and on again it seems to work also sometimes it seems that I dont get mobile data, sometime entering the phone to flight mode helps sometimes my only option is A restart (that not always helps)
    I never really got to use the 8.1 android, As i recived the phone the 9.0 pie update were waiting for me so I dont know if that kind of problems came with the update or not
    Guys some 1 please help me
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  2. Same problem here. I got my phone last week, use it on the Rogers network (Canada), and have no issue with wifi but lose mobile data/sms connection often. It's not a matter of weak data signal from Rogers because when it does connect it's a strong signal. I can "force" a reconnection toggling "flight mode" off and on and/or by rebooting.

    It's frustrating because I like this phone, but for now I have to use my old phone because I need a reliable connection. I also have a data only account with Rogers and I have that sim card in the RP2 for now so that I can continue to trouble shoot this issue.
  3. RockMachine666

    RockMachine666 New Member

    Well unfortunately I still have that problem
    Im trying to walk through some troubleshoot with "RedPanda"
    If we will find A way to fix that issue I will post it here
  4. StateNME

    StateNME New Member

    I have the mobile data issue when I loose connectivity (like through a tunnel) when I exit tunnel to reconnect I need to turn on and off airplane mode.
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