Razer Phone 2: MR5 Update Now Live

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Rox598, Sep 23, 2020.

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  1. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master

    Hey Insiders!

    Razer is now rolling out a new update for unlocked/international Razer Phone 2 devices!

    The update provides Security Patches through September 2020

    Hopefully this update is rolled out to other variants soon also.


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  2. shmekermeister

    shmekermeister Well-Known Member

    Installed, seems good so far.
  3. ShockRavenbeak

    ShockRavenbeak New Member

    I literally just updated this morning(saw in the notification that there was an update and just updated it without thinking). And now it said that my SD card is now corrupted or that it can't be detected. Tried formatting it on settings but it kept bouncing back to the Storage menu settings when it was formatting around 40%. Tried restarting and reinserting the same SD card and still couldn't work. My camera LITERALLY can't even do anything and kept popping up saying to insert the SD card to use the camera. I CAN'T EVEN change the settings to use my internal storage to temporarily use my camera
  4. Samuria0311

    Samuria0311 New Member

    What they need to update is android 10 we still run android 9 which is ridiculous since the phone been out for a long time now. If anything I makes me want to stop buying razer products due to lack of support.
  5. Can you fix the hdr problem?
    YouTube hdr videos goese wrong
  6. ahhann

    ahhann New Member

    Pretty sure Razer already gave up on RP2 with the lack of Android 10 upgrade. Also, after this MR5 update, my phone resolution won't stay 1440p. It always change to 1080p without any reason, due to this, whenever i play COD or Genshin, screen would tear with line. Very annoying.
  7. bayautoBlueJeans326

    bayautoBlueJeans326 New Member

    Spent all that Money on RP2 and now it seems that I should have spent it on Samsung, Razer is a Freaking waste of money. Bought RP2 in early 2019 and have been on Android 9 ever since WTH, world has moved on to Android 11 now, with all the hardware RP2 has we should've been on Android 11.
  8. cubeover

    cubeover New Member

    I have repaired my phone with Razer support (paid replacement with new).
    I thought it was a software issue but when your front camera is not working, and Camera app is crashing this is hardware. Not regretting paying up - quite happy I still can get a new RP2 ! :) It is still the best screen and design ever. The only thing I am missing (and willing to pay $500) for is LDAC codec enablement. This would make my life happy. Samsungs have narrow/long screens, no joy reading web pages. 16:9 is best ratio for wearing a phone in the back jeans pocket, anything longer will curl around my curves, eventually.
    OS Version numbers mean nothing to me... only features I want to use.
    The only drawback with RP2 (in my view) is lack of either 3.5m jack or better BT codecs (AptX LL for gaming, LDAC for music). Camera works OK now. BTW came to Apple store and walked away in disgust - no 120Hz, juddery motion, no LDAC either (!) and stupid iPhone 5- styled design with ugly massively rounded screen.
    I always joked that Apple should give away the phone if a person can tell the exact number of pixels on its screen - still rings true - nobody knows, not even their Geniuses.
    What an under-appreciated IGZO-based WQHD blazingly fast phone!
    You can try prying it out of my dead cold hands...
    5G is red herring , 1Gig LTE can do all I need. They just want to power smart dust you cannot even notice.
  9. Alamin420

    Alamin420 New Member

    how can i buy one?
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