Razer Phone 2, my first experience

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    Razer Phone 2, my first experience with a gaming smartphone:

    After almost 2 months of use. And to test countless applications and games with this phone, I put a note of 10.

    From its perfect 120hz screen and its quality, to its multiple utilities. Trying 120hz games you can see the power of the phone when it comes to seeing its movements.

    One of the games tested was injustice 2. The 120hz are noticed since you start the fight and its fluidity. You can see the power of the phone and as other players do not have the same power to win matches with some sincerity, after more than a month and a half playing the game.

    Yes, it is true that the phone heats up a bit when you are using it, but you can always modify the applications so that they spend less resources, all from the cortex de razer application, a real gem.

    So far with my opinion on the razer phone 2 phone. A good purchase, and when I renew if I continue to pick up phones, I'm sure to renew.

    A greeting and thanks for reading.

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