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Razer Phone 2 Out of Stock

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Ganym3de, Nov 19, 2019.

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  1. Ganym3de

    Ganym3de Active Member

    Looks like there was a deal today that seemed to have finished off the last of the stock. Granted only Satin Black has been in stock recently and Mirror Black has been gone for weeks/months.

    Do you think they're going to restock since it has the "notify me" link vs the grey "out of stock" or the page being moved/sunset to the "www2." subdomain?

    I was hoping to pick this up as a Black Friday week/day or Cyber Monday deal :slightly_sad:

    Maybe they're clearing stock for a possible RP3 launch?!?
  2. FreedomSmaug

    FreedomSmaug New Member

    One can only hope that a RP3 is in the works. With the recent release of the Junglecat my hopes did go back up, and I'm not sure why they would develop that product with plans to scrap the RP.
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  3. Jenjar

    Jenjar Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Satin Black still seems to be in stock here in Canada. Mirror Black is gone though.
    Since there is still a "notify me" button, something tells me they will re stock. If there was a RP3 possibly coming out soon, I would expect we would have seen something leak by now, unless they are doing a really good job keeping it sealed shut haha.
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  4. FreedomSmaug

    FreedomSmaug New Member

    Agreed. I've been looking for leaks and it's possible they are just been hiding it really really well lol.
  5. U4A1S

    U4A1S New Member

    i hope razer makes the razer phone 3
    i really dont want it to be discontinued
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