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Razer phone 2 screen ISSUE!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by KangMeng, Jan 24, 2019.

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  1. KangMeng

    KangMeng New Member

    I have a razer phone 1 and recently brought a razer phone 2. I don't know is it my eyes, the tempered glass protector or the phone screen itself; when compared with the razer phone 1, there is some washout on white background on the display of razer phone 2. On screen display that are having white background (example: settings menu, app drawer etc.), it seems that the white looks quite "washout" in a sense when comparing to razer phone 1. I uploaded a screenshot but not sure is it the same when viewed on ur phone.
    I have no idea is this suppose to be this way or?

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  2. cubeover

    cubeover New Member

    What's the point of attaching a digital screenshot? It only shows us our display's performance, not yours.
    Send us a photo taken by another device/camera.
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  3. KangMeng

    KangMeng New Member

    I tried to upload a picture that was taken using other pjone, but the size is too big to attach here.
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  4. StormyHauk

    StormyHauk New Member

    I would have contacted customer support. I think you would get help there with the problem
  5. KangMeng

    KangMeng New Member

    The reason for not contacting razer is because that i thought it may be because I have razer phone 1 and the upgrade to 2 makes the screen feels strange as comparing both screen side by side. Razer 2 screen in white background does feels more orangy than Razer 1. Wanted to see if anyone here have same encounter of bith phones.
  6. StormyHauk

    StormyHauk New Member

    but if this is a problem contact Razer or you can go to where you buyed it and see if you could get a new one
  7. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    Razer phone 2 screen is a bit cooler than the razer phone 1 so this is normal. I have both Devices and can see the difference too so I wouldn't worry about it.
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  8. RazerInBlood

    RazerInBlood New Member

    This is normal with the razor phone 2 you can compare both the devices and you will see the difference. Both the phones have different displays therefore this happened and you can search on Google account manager to check more deeply.
  9. The RP2 is warmer, a lot warmer than RP1, it drains the battery. There's a few other threads about this common problem and it seems to be a defective LCD that Razer is not commenting on.

    It's a Yellow tint and it's very common. I thought it was just a defective model until I tried 4 of them out. Even the newer black satin version comes with the defective "aftermarket" LCD (terrible display, viewing angles, and battery usage). I want Razer to make a statement about the issue with so many people noticing it but they don't seem to want to address it.
    The one on the left is actually much bluer and the one on the right has a little more color but you can clearly see the RP2 in the middle has display issues. My cheap tablet camera couldn't pick up on the colors very well but it still shows the horrible display on the RP2.

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  10. Herbalacious

    Herbalacious New Member

    Looks like night mode is on. Display settings and turn it off. It adds a reddish tint like your picture.
  11. It's not turned on, that's what everyone thinks because the LCD is defective. I've attempted all sorts of setting changes.
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