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Razer Phone 2 Suggestion

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Someperson33, Dec 5, 2017.

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    RYTMEOW New Member

    I love my Note 8, it use it for just about everything. I can't live without the S-pen. The OLED screen is sweet, but it's only a 60hz screen, like most of the other Android flagships. The Razer Phone's 120hz screen is nice. But its performance can only be utilized by those apps or games that support such high specs. Not too many games are out on the Android market using 120fps. But emulators make this phone worth it, if you're into that type of stuff. Which is where the 8GB ram comes in handy for ram management, while the Note 8 is slightly behind with 6GB ram. They share the same processor, so theres nothing to talk about on that. And lastly, the Dolby dual speakers are above and beyond the single speaker setup. I'm on the fence about it though, because I prefer to use headphones or earbuds for multimedia on my phone. So this is a give and take, dual speakers but no 3.5mm jack versus single speaker with 3.5mm jack. My biggest gripe about the Razer Phone is the speaker ports collecting all of the dirt and grime from your fingers. I may need to buy some of that dust putty/slime that you just apply pressure to while rolling it over the area.

    Unless manufacturers start using modules that attach the same way and become a standard universal component to be used on most or all mobile phones. Which i doubt will ever happen for various reasons, the entire modular device just won't be able to catch on. I would be a huge risk to take given the interest in so said phones. Plus I always get the image of a modular phone exploding into pieces like a LEGO toy when it's dropped.
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  2. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    Note 8 is awesome. The only phone that make me feel a rush to switch from Apple to android.
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