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Razer phone 3

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by reme1986, Jan 16, 2020.

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  1. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    Any word on when/if a razer phone 3 is happening, I really want a new razer phone as I loved both razer phone models, had since launch. But my contract is up for renewal and I feel like other phones have appeal over my now aging RP2, if razer did a model 3 I would get it, but with 5G incoming and bluetooth control lag still an issue on android 9 theres only so long I can hold on to my RP2
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  2. BeeDubz

    BeeDubz New Member

    There's nothing official, but given the recent downsizing in the mobile division, I wouldn't hold my breath waiting on a RP3. I just don't think Razer can compete in the mobile device market.
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  3. reme1986

    reme1986 Member

    That being said, is there anything out there that could be a good replacement? I dont like the ROG phone, way too "gamery" I loved the sleek monolithic design of the RP. main thing for me is good battery life and a 120hz screen, I dont play all that many games on my phone, but love the fast refresh rate for general use.
  4. xylorex

    xylorex New Member

    beware the asus rog ii phones aren't supported by all carriers
  5. Mr_Mooncatt

    Mr_Mooncatt New Member

    In the U.S, it'll be supported by zero carriers in a year or two when GSM networks are shut down. You won't even be able to make a 911 call.
  6. gstsdw

    gstsdw Well-Known Member

    Razer Phone 2 is no longer on the website... Could this mean something is coming?
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  7. michaelmalungcut

    michaelmalungcut New Member

    Razer 3 is coming !!
  8. ffbxle

    ffbxle New Member

    Razer, please KEEP MAKING RAZER PHONE!

    I LOVE MY Razer Phone 2!!
  9. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    More like beginning of the end.
  10. Jwm0113

    Jwm0113 New Member

    Razer can’t even produce a working RP2
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