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Razer Phone - Android Auto

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by SeanTheCon, Dec 6, 2017.

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  1. SeanTheCon

    SeanTheCon New Member

    Hi Folks,

    Has anyone gotten Android Auto to project to the head unit in their car yet? I get a Google play notification "Android Auto connected to your car" but yet no projection. It worked fine with my S6 edge plus, fine with the girlfriends One Plus 3T, but using the same USB C to USB A cables which worked with the One Plus won't work with the Razer phone

    The Razer phone is the only issue I can identify so I want to see if any other users are affected?

    Not getting much luck with Razer support either.
  2. Neetroc

    Neetroc New Member

    My works fine with the head unit, no problems at all, in fact the gps kicks in faster than the Samsung S8 did.
  3. SeanTheCon

    SeanTheCon New Member

    Strange, was that straight out of the box? What cable are you using I've read up a lot of issues with USB C and Android Auto
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