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Razer Phone Camera Update Live!

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Razer.WolfPack, Dec 20, 2017.

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  1. ellectriknight

    ellectriknight Active Member

  2. evilchargerfan

    evilchargerfan Well-Known Member

    while in vegas over the weekend, I did notice the razer phone somehow takes what is "off white" in real life, and makes it appear more white white/brilliant white/hyper white in photos

    I dont have any other photos to compare against.... but in real life those light fixtures are more of a warm/yellow white. not complaining tho .... thought I'd share how awesome the pic came out with no filters

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  3. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    I am still on September Security Patch, I dont receive any OTA updates. Mine is HK version.

    Does any one know whats going on with my phone's updates?
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  4. Pach_Reed

    Pach_Reed New Member

    It's almost the end of January. Where is the update??

    I have exactly the same issue. Bought this phone at the Razer Store HK and was still somehow a ThreeHongKong(Career Phone) not being able to get the update is very annoying.
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  5. rrusli

    rrusli New Member

    same here, the delay is too long.
  6. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    Yea, where's the update...
  7. Alex-G1907G

    Alex-G1907G New Member

    Coming to the end of January and we are yet to receive an update. Three UK thanks for the long delay
  8. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    I am using Three also.
  9. Pach_Reed

    Pach_Reed New Member

    is there anywhere we can download the update? Or flash to stock android? The software on this phone is not friendly.

    I just (Jan 23rd 13:56 CST) spoke with Razer Support I was told the update will come at the end of January. Well there is still one week to go.
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  10. 2ndcarpenter

    2ndcarpenter New Member

    I'm curious how you formatted your SD card, as internal or removable storage? Mine is removable and my photos store to settings>storage>phone>DCIM>camera. I think what he means, and also what I would like to see is a setting in the camera app that allows us to choose where we would like the saved. Also it would be nice to have the option to move apps to SD card. I would honestly prefer not to format my SD as internal storage, but if that will be our option now and in the future, I suppose i will do it that way
  11. rrusli

    rrusli New Member

    few more days till the end of january :mad_::mad_:
  12. SireOblivion

    SireOblivion Active Member

    I just started using my phone's camera again ever since being disappointed in it at launch and it's still one of the worst phone cameras I've ever used. I really hope software will continue to make this better, but it seems like the hardware is the problem. I might have to jump ship if quality remains this sub-par.
  13. Sparkles_1903

    Sparkles_1903 New Member

    New firmware update just landed to my phone!
    For the camera specifically:
    -Fixed an issue where some images would appear yellow
    -Tuning and image quality improvement
    -Crushed bugs and performance improvements

    Looks like a Play Store app update Camera just hit too as I was typing this out.
  14. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    When will Razer release the October Security Patch for Carriers Phones
  15. MyCaptainMyKing

    MyCaptainMyKing New Member

    Updated is live

    January update is here
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  16. autoFlaxsigns948

    autoFlaxsigns948 New Member

    what country are you in? does anyone know if its out in the UK yet? (3 variant)
  17. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

    I am using HONG KONG Three Version

    Today is 31/1... Will Razer release the October Security Patch for HK users ? :{
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  18. rrusli

    rrusli New Member

    Would like to know too, the wait is ridiculous. Can someone from razer confirm?

    Mr CEO replied. Guess we have to wait again.

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  19. zircoxx

    zircoxx Member

  20. Mrjaffaman

    Mrjaffaman New Member

    I'm in UK and bought my phone from 3. Still no update. But tbf. I know 3 are overwhelmed with updating phone to 8.0 this month and February so probs abit of a wait. Don't worry it's not like the phone isn't working or anything
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