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Razer Phone: Cases and Accessories

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by ellectriknight, Nov 9, 2017.

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  1. AnderoneJohnson

    AnderoneJohnson New Member

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  2. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    i dont think well get that lucky with the shape of the phone being as square as it is. was there any cases and such for the predecessor the nextbit robbin? if i read it correctly its basicly the same size and shape?

    I love these wallet cases might have to try it out for 10 bucks. says it will be back in stock on the 15th though.


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  3. FiendRiver666

    FiendRiver666 Active Member

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  4. [​IMG]
    My word case arrived, here are some pics of the box. Shot, of course, with the razer phone itself
  5. AnderoneJohnson

    AnderoneJohnson New Member

  6. EggsLeggs

    EggsLeggs Active Member

  7. dpgx81

    dpgx81 New Member

    Finally got my slim case and rugged case off of Amazon. The rugged isnt quite as rugged as I expected, I thought it'd be more like the Robin rugged case. It does its job though and I've never really dropped a phone. It'll protect from bumps and scratches.
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  8. I'm not sure whether you guys are aware of it or not. Yet, I came across few posts while searching that address the best razor phone accessories and I thought to share it with you guys.
  9. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    oh its all good haha i already ordered one too haha i was gonna post some pics too when i got it but youre welcome to

    yeah i tought the same thing, but i will say i've had mine a few weeks and have dropped mine a few times and its held up so far. so not too displeased with it.
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  10. Runnerxs

    Runnerxs New Member

  11. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

  12. twistedmjc

    twistedmjc Member

    I've been scouring everywhere I can think of for razer cases but haven't seen any bumper cases yet. Seems most major case makers are doing Razer (yet?) so we have to basically pick between Razer cases, orzly cases, or the eBay China cheapy ones (which aren't actually half bad)... Or you can just wrap it in a dbrand or similar type skin
  13. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    ordered the wallet case a while ago lol ordered dec 11th and go it on the 3rd of jan. i knew it would take a while but anyways apprently they had quite a few orders not just razer get "lost" at some port and ended up geting returned to orzly i guess thats why things have taken so long. anyways they sent me a nice letter and a free usb c cable so not mad about it.

    as for the case its not horrible, i loved my otterbox wallet case for my s7 it only had one card slot in the "wallet" side this has 3 big slots. not a big fan of the magnet on the clasp its not very strong and doesn't clasp when its open. and is pretty bulky basicly a plastic/ruber case with a leather thing glued to the back. also it has a "feature" to make the back a stand where it pulls out a little its nice but still kind of annoying when holding it. last is the finger print sensor. the clasp gets in the way sometimes and gets kind of annoying and every so offten i have trouble getting a good print read. no drops yet so not sure how sturdy it is.

    all in all its great for the 9 something I paid for it from amazon. looks like they are still in stock here

  14. Rox598

    Rox598 Keyblade Master VANGUARD

    The Green case is really nice, Shame it's TPU and not a hard case like the Rugged one is otherwise I would have gotten it instead.

    I have the Official rugged and Slim Case, I like the rugged the slim case however is already ruined it's so damn easy to mark just setting it on a table and if there's anything will put marks on it it looks horrible now. The Rugged one is better at not doing this although it has started to show some marks. I do wish though that Razer didn't leave those gaps at the volume keys, they're already a bit of a pain so some added bulk to press them would be good.
  15. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    yeah I have the rugged case too and noticed it got scuffed pretty easy pretty early on i was kinda sad about that. I had problems with one of the bottom corrners popping off now and again not enough to do anything but just an annoyance. i think they could have desinged it a bit better and not have a weak spot in the middle as well as the open end at the bottom.
  16. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    I am using a dbrand skin. Obviously its not a protection case, but its already efficient again scratchs and improve handling (phone doesn't slip easy).
    I'm still looking for bumper only protection. hopefully with more volume, more case makers will consider it.
  17. twistedmjc

    twistedmjc Member

    Finally got my orzly case and screen protectors yesterday and gotta say.. Unimpressed on both counts! When I purchased the case it was listed as clear and the picture looked alot less "frosted" then it actually was.. It ain't clear or frosted.. It's damn near white! It seems mediocre made at best.. About the quality of a 9.99$ corner store case imho.

    Screen protectors are thick.. And I mean really thick! It actually annoys me when I use the navigation bar cause you can feel where it's rounded to meet the screen.. Same with dropdown. Instructions showed it would be easily lifted back up to reset it if you were off using there little squigee type thing, when I tried, it cracked the corner forcing me to throw it away, thankfully orzly includes 2 probably just for that reason. Thing is a fingerprint magnet.. Everything sticks to it. Again quality is less then the 9.99 screen protector I got offa amazon for my nexus 6p and alot thicker too! Honestly this is the first case I've actually owned that I can't stand using and will be buying a tudia actually clear case very shortly and new screen protectors.. IMHO orzly is a waste of money from this experience.
  18. p1l0t3

    p1l0t3 Member

    I concurr, the screen protector is thick. However very easy to install, no need to care for holes to align, its just a slab of glass.

    as I continue to browse for improving my phone experience, i had in mind to nano coat the phone to render it liquid repelant. Has anyone of you already used products from liquipel, impervious or nanostate ?

    It would be nice if razer phone 2 goes under P2i coating process...
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  19. SivaasPlays

    SivaasPlays New Member

    I just wish the speaker grates didn't catch dirt and crap so easily and was really able to clean it safely.
  20. BaronKrause

    BaronKrause New Member

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