Razer Phone - CDMA possible?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by DrQuackeroo, Nov 1, 2017.

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  1. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    Was hyped for the Razer Phone.. until I found out it only supports GSM. Whole family is on Verizon, so it's almost impossible for me to switch over...

    Who feels the same? And can Razer please add support if possible :frown_:
  2. PulsingDecibels

    PulsingDecibels New Member

    I was super excited about this phone and was definitely going to make the purchase, (This was my easy out of iphones and never having or wanting to buy one again) but as soon as I read one of the reviews after the keynote, I had to stop myself and realize I couldn't buy one of these phones as I'm on Verizon and where I live I won't get coverage that is even close to Verizon's coverage with another provider so I'm SoL. I am really hoping that Razer maybe changes this before launch or maybe we get lucky and our CDMA providers somehow allow it.
  3. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    We're going to need a huge miracle on this one... But I'm not sure who to blame: Razer or Verizon??
  4. PulsingDecibels

    PulsingDecibels New Member

    Who even knows. I would bet based on the fact that Razer is going for a global launch and that the Southeast Asia and Asian regions are where the most mobile gaming really takes place that this launch is meant for them. I'm just surprised that when coming to the US they are leaving out about half of the major cell phone providers which is about 206 million people. I would guess that if even a small percentage of those people bought the phones like 1% bought the phone, that's 2 million people, and I would hope that it would cover whatever cost that it takes to make the phone CDMA compatible. But who knows, maybe Verizon and Sprint just said no.
  5. Jettisawn

    Jettisawn New Member

    This is why I hate our cellular companies. Only in the US are you limited in what phone you can have, by your cell phone provider. We can't even pay to use the phones we want with the service we want.


    But it does really suck.
  6. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    I can't agree more...

    Since my current phone is breaking I'll need an update soon...
    and I feel pretty embarrassed that I'll be sad to settle for something like a Pixel 2.

    Can't think of a first world problem that cuts any deeper.

    Hopefully in a few years we'll be able to buy a Razer Phone 4 and add it to a new Verizon GSM network...
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  7. xNoct

    xNoct Member

    tbh I do not think that I understood everything what you've said but please correct me if I'm wrong because I'm from Germany so there may are differents systems about this phone thing but lemme please explain what's in my mind :

    I have a contract with a company where I have to pay a monthly fee for some features e.g. not paying a cent for calling someone within EU . So what I've understand out of this thread is that if I would put the SIM-card into the Razer Phone it would not be abel to call someone neither have constant internet connection?

    I'm really sorry for my bad english btw that's why I maybe couldnt understand this thread and the problem with thr Razer Phone in the US.
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  8. Here in the States we have 4 major cell phone network providers. The biggest and 4th largest both use a technology called CDMA. What this thread is discussing is the fact the the new Razer phone is incompatible with their networks and can therefor not be used to get cell phone service from them. If you use the phone on a supported network, you will be able to call anyone you wish as with any other phone.

    P.S. Most of the world does NOT use CDMA.
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  9. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    We have a way we can show our support for Verizon! Let Min-Liang Tan know in this Tweet that we need that support, send likes and leave replies!!

    Yep, specifically for my company Verizon. You can guess it's very annoying because then I will have to sign onto another company and leave my family plan.
  10. Stress_p2p

    Stress_p2p New Member

    Just went through the tweets and many replies for Verizon. Hopefully Min will see that and possibly work with Verizon. It seems Verizon is willing to work with Razer from the tweets. I'm on Verizon and there isn't any way I can switch carriers right now which is a shame as I considered buying one right after the keynote. If just a small percentage of Verizon customers changed to the Razer Phone it would already be a smart investment as many people in the US are reliant on Verizon's service. Just have to wait and see I suppose.
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  11. surfer1081

    surfer1081 Well-Known Member

    welp crossing my fingers on this..
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  12. KrazyKanadian

    KrazyKanadian Active Member

    Don't worry people. Razer will definitely support Verizon. Remember its only 4 days since they announced the phone.
  13. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    In my case, I'm just specifically annoyed because it just be very reassuring if we get an announcement for support pretty soon.

    My Droid MAXX is 3+ years old now, and I'm more than slated for an upgrade. I was about to get a Pixel 2 this month... but after Razer announced phone with mad specs like that, I decided I'll wait for as long as I can.

    But specifically since I'm still on Android 4.4.4, my camera can no longer focus, and my mic is broken, it's hard to wait for too long. I'll feel pretty sad if I have to upgrade to a Pixel 2 knowing the Razer Phone has a way better screen, pair of speakers, and battery for $50 more.

    My first-world consumer pains are running deep just for Razer... It would be great if they could ease them sooner than later.
  14. Dunyas

    Dunyas Active Member

    I wouldn't hold your breath. Yes, Verizon is big in the U.S., which is a major market, but the phone itself is physically unable to use Verizon's network. It would require them make a model specifically for Verizon. Razer isn't a phone company. It's in Razer's best interest to create a single product with the most vast market, and for a phone that would be GSM technology. GSM is more widely used globally. Hell, Apple's first iPhone was originally locked to AT&T and it took years after the iPhone was considered an success for a CDMA version to come out. This was after CDMA carriers begged them to. This is Razer's first model. Making or remaking their device to suit Verizon would be expensive and stupid as Verizon currently uses an outdated network. In fact, in 2 years Verizon plans to stop using that network themselves. The only hope of seeing this device on Verizon is if the demand for it had Verizon ordering compatible units for Verizon. Razer being new to this market, I'd doubt Verizon would spend the money to make it worth it for either company. Verizon might support the next model though; but again Verizon's LTE support is also pretty proprietary. That would mean that Verizon itself would need to in on the production of a compatible phone.
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  15. I just talked to someone from Razer, and

    System Support (4:15:08 PM):Thank you for the verification.
    System Support (4:15:28 PM):How can I assist you today. Bailey?
    Me (4:15:52 PM):I just had a question about the phone. Will there be any coming out where Verizon will be supported?
    System Support (4:19:39 PM):Yes. We want to cater all our customer and we currently working on it, we will release soon but we don't have the exact date yet.
    Me (4:20:39 PM):eek:k, that is Great. Thank you
    System Support (4:21:01 PM):You're welcome.
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  16. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    Yessss! I will gladly wait until it comes out.
    Thank you very much for sharing!

    "We want to cater to all our customers.." Those are some words I like to see.
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  17. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    I purchased the Razer phone and am using Verizon with it. There is a work around that their tier 2 tech team can do. They add your line just on their LTE(GSM) network ( No band 13 CDMA is utilized). So if you are in an area that has good to great LTE signal then you can get the phone. Mine works great at work and outdoors. My only issue is at home. I always had one bar with all my other phones and now I have no service. I am waiting for a Samsung 4g LTE extender from Verizon so that I can correct that issue.

    Rumor has it, Verizon will make the shift to just LTE by the end of 2018. If and when this happens, CDMA band and cellphones will no longer work with their network.

    Hope I helped anyone who has the phone or wants to buy it. Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays.
  18. DrQuackeroo

    DrQuackeroo New Member

    That sounds awesome, thank you so much for letting us know.

    Do you mind describing how you got the customer support? Did you just call Verizon or go to a store? And was the process short or easy? I just need to get an idea before I get the phone.

    Thanks again and Merry Christmas.
  19. XZoom13

    XZoom13 New Member

    I did both. I was on the phone with a tier 2 tech while I was in the store. They do all the work. I was the middle man when the tier 2 was asking him to do something. Because I had ported out a month ago when I got the phone they had to activate another sim using a stock phone to get me back so you may not even need to go into the store. I suggest you call or use the live chat (I did) to get the convo going so that they can escalate it to a tier 2. It's not hard for you just time spent depending on the knowledge of the initial support person. I used chat, as you can save the full conversations to refer back to if you get transferred to someone else using the reference #. Hope I helped. Ask me anything else when you need to. Too good of a phone to use on a bum carrier. Just make sure you already have good LTE connection where you usually are with your current phone. Like I said. I had one bar in my house with a Galaxy S7 edge and now I have none. Waiting for my Samsung 4g LTE extender.
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