Razer Phone has suddenly stopped recognising simcard

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Gipsy_d4ng3r, Apr 23, 2018.

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  1. Gipsy_d4ng3r

    Gipsy_d4ng3r New Member

    I live in india and got a Razer phone from the US a little over a month ago. was working perfectly fine till yesterday morning. made a call, phone turned off due to the battery running dry. plugged it in for charge. restarted it, made another call and then the signal cut out. been trying everything since, refuses to pick up a signal. the sim-card works fine on my iphone 6s. other sim-cards don't work on the phone either. any help would be appreciated. The phone hasn't been dropped or man-handled in anyway.

    THIS IS 24 HOURS AFTER THE Oreo update

    PS: I HAVE NOT UNLOCKED THE BOOTLOADER OR ROOTED MY PHONE. did try to format it though. via the recovery and from the phone settings. neither of which helped.

    if i restart my phone, it recognises the carrier but nothing else happens. when i remove the simcard with the phone turned on and switched to airplane mode, when i turn off airplane mode, it still thinks the simcard is inside and shows me "carrier name - No signal"
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  2. Gipsy_d4ng3r

    Gipsy_d4ng3r New Member

    can anyone help???
  3. BrotherLouie

    BrotherLouie New Member

    I also suffer this issue last week, no solution found yet already back to factory setup, no helping.
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