Razer Phone + Kenwood DMX7017DABS

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by BloodAspFZR, Jul 15, 2018.

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  1. BloodAspFZR

    BloodAspFZR New Member

    I Can not get my Razer phone to work with my Kenwood DMX7017DABS head unit in my car. Used a number of different settings for the USB connection, as well as a number of USB cables to try and get it working.
    Nothing has worked, but other phones will work so its not my head unit, all up to date.

    Anyone at Razer or community able to assist as I need this to work really.
  2. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    When you say it doesn't work what are you trying to do? Play music?
  3. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    I'm guessing Android Auto
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