Razer Phone Oreo 8.1 update (Singapore)

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by Heisenberg94, May 23, 2018.

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  1. fraisred46

    fraisred46 New Member

    its mentioned in Android Pie thread discussion that Android 8.1 MR2 update which will be available by the end of August.
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  2. terrysk93

    terrysk93 New Member

    Waiting for Oreo 8.1 update. Day ?? (I lost count)

    As mentioned Pie is coming, but why I still stuck with 7.1.1 :slightly_sad:
  3. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    I'm still checking for updates for 8.1 MR2 OTA. Nothing yet.
  4. its_tiansw

    its_tiansw New Member

    After 5mths of waiting ... It's finally here

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  5. jadomplopo35

    jadomplopo35 New Member

    Yes! Finally...
  6. kenshinxin

    kenshinxin New Member

    How's the update like? i don't dare to update in case anything happen
  7. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    A few are saying screen brightness is improved, camera is crispier in low light situations and Bluetooth/auto connectivity has been addressed.
  8. terrysk93

    terrysk93 New Member


    Update is here... I am a happy boy here. :)
  9. Heisenberg94

    Heisenberg94 Member

    hahaha your efforts finally paid off
  10. Paullybob

    Paullybob New Member

    Just arrived here in Canada on the Rogers wireless network. Still installing, will report back after a few days.
  11. terrysk93

    terrysk93 New Member

    yaya. finally
  12. fraisred46

    fraisred46 New Member

    is it the latest Razer 8.1 MR2 release?
    Build number? latest security Patch release?
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  13. terrysk93

    terrysk93 New Member

    Currently running OPM1.171019.011-RZR-180803.6033

    not sure is MR2 or not.
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  14. Paullybob

    Paullybob New Member

    Only issue to report is the death of my Razer wall charger. Stopped working the day after I loaded the update. I can use the USB port for transfers and charging from the laptop but not charging from the wall charger. My QC3 wall charger seems to do the job just fine so I'll send my charger off to Razer and see what happens.

    Version 8.1.0
    Build number OPM1.171019.011*RZR-180803.6033
    Patch Date July 5, 2018
  15. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    For 8.1 MR2 = build number ends with 6033.
  16. xLoveSooYoung

    xLoveSooYoung New Member

    i have the same build number ,version and patch date. but from my experience with oreo 8.1, wifi always is intermittent. it happens on my samsung s8+ before . and now my razer experienced the same thing . im pretty sure it has problem with oreo 8.1
  17. fraisred46

    fraisred46 New Member

    damn im still on 8.1.0 MR0 spamming update button on vpn US server also doesnt work lmao
    Feb 2018 Security patch
    build ends with 4054
  18. Im experiencing the same thing. Is there any fix for this? I have to turn off and on wifi on my phone everytime
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