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Razer Phone owners: What are your thoughts about it 3 months in?

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by BoyJiro, Jan 11, 2018.

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  1. BoyJiro

    BoyJiro New Member

    Lately, I've been really interested in Razer hardware and when I saw Project Linda I was compelled to look at buying options for the Razer Phone. It's been almost 3 months since I first heard about it the phone from Marques Brownlee and I'm curious about owners thoughts on it.

    Here's a few questions I have:
    • Have you found any annoying quirks?
    • How do you think it's different from other, more mainstream phones you've owned?
      • (besides the 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz option display lol)
    • Are people around you ever curious about the phone you own?
      • i.e. does it catch people's eyes?
    • Would you recommend it to others, such as myself?
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  2. Munsened

    Munsened New Member

    1.No quirks noticed here. Everything has been flawless. Other than the camera. The camera problem really is the app though as other apps definitely take better pictures
    2. The speakers are in fact great. I really like the size, style and build quality of the phone. And I know you said don't mention screen but it's the most buttery smooth Android experience I've ever seen. Had it next to the brand new pixel 2 xl and the difference was very noticeable.
    3. Definitely eye catching. Get lots of comments.
    4. I love and would definitely recommend it.
  3. Bruce_wayne8887

    Bruce_wayne8887 New Member

    I can second a lot of the pros and cons. No cons besides what you mentioned. The Screen could be brighter but Its bright enough in sunlight and I mostly use my phone for media in lower light in the evening. Speakers are amazing. The 3.5mm headphone adapter really sounds great. Phone has a very premium feel. I love the shape and size. 16:9 aspect ratio FTW #nocroping.

    Battery life is really great. Phone runs buttery smooth. Charges very fast.
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  4. BoyJiro

    BoyJiro New Member

    That's sad... I'm a big camera guy so hopefully the software begins to make a turn-around and users are able to fully utilize the 12MP cameras :/
    The display specs alone are very persuading, so when you add a description like that... makes a person really imagine having it themselves lol.

    Would you speculate that the speakers are good enough to replace laptop audio like in Project Linda?

    Thanks for the input guys :)
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  5. godashram

    godashram Active Member

    after listening to the dolby atmos demo, yes, easily...
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  6. SexGhost

    SexGhost New Member

    I put up a 40 minute, 1 month review video on it here today.

    Hopefully this is useful to you. I think Project Linda is amazing and with all the gaming I've been doing on the Razer Phone, I can't wait to have a keyboard and mouse combo to play PC games with.

    The Razer Phone speakers have no problem even besting laptop speakers. Also if you've read the news lately, Razer's getting a Netflix update to use HDR video + dolby 5.1 sound.
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  7. BoyJiro

    BoyJiro New Member

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  8. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    To summarize, here are my experience using the Razerphone.

    My likes:
    1. Awesome speakers,
    2. Monolithic design,
    3. Good battery life,
    4. Game machine,
    5. DAC adapter,
    6. Double tap to wake.
    7. Fast charge
    8. 120hz screen (16:9 ftw!)

    1. Camera. (likely a software weakness). My first phone was replaced on advise from Razer support and now the current one also has the same issue. Pictures taken with the default camera app will occasionally be discolored or truncated or both even for snap shots. Shutter lags is unacceptable by today's standards. Resolution is poor. If you are into mobile photography, this IS a deal breaker. (I'm holding on to it till the next camera update or Razer support's feedback). If it doesn't get better, I'll return the phone.

    2. Weak screen brightness
    3. Speakers trap dust and dent easily
    4. Not easy to take a screenshot. Sometimes I'll accidentally put the phone to sleep instead because it involves press/holding the power and volume buttons down.
    5. Limited phone accessories (for now)
    6. No water resistant (imagine gaming under the rain, how cool is that? Lol)
    7. NFC seems unstable. I use Android pay and it almost always give me transaction problem due to sensing issue. I have zero issue using Xperia and Galaxy phones.

    Overall, if mobile gaming, music and movie watching on the go are you priorities, I would say it's probably the best out there now. If mobile photography is important to you, then you have to look elsewhere. I'm a gamer and a photog. I'm torn apart. Lol. Worse case, I'll just go back to the Note8. Jack of all trades, master of all. ;-)
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  9. electroception

    electroception New Member

    The NFC in this phone is unreliable and is absolute garbage.

    On the speaker grills, they should sell replacements on the store. They are just stickers, stuck on. I am sure razer will sell them at some point for some 500% profit markup.

    THere is a lot i like about this phone, but the faulty hardware issues really drag it down. Not being able to use android pay is very irritating. And the fact that razer hasn't addressed the issue really dosnt lead me to believe in their products.
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  10. I have two issues with this phone:

    1- The bottom speaker is noticeably louder than the top one.

    2- There are faint but noticeable grey lines on the display when there's a white background.

    Just typical razer quality control I suppose. I'm guessing half the people who got this phone have issues too. In my case RMA is not possible because I don't live in US or Europe (I had paid someone who was there on a trip to buy it for me and give it to me when they got back) so I guess I just have to deal with it.
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  11. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    I guess for those who got the phone like me, we early users are really just "beta testers" for the Razerphone. I don't mind if the phone is provided free or subsided. But we paid full to beta test it. :-/
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  12. 7heVandal

    7heVandal New Member

    1. No major quirks that I've noticed yet. The camera needs some work but razer are actively working on it so that's good. The phone froze once since day 1. Apart from that it performs well.
    2. The speakers and the 120hz RR differentiate it pretty well from other phones. The camera has potential to be great.
    3. Whenever I tell someone I have the Razer, they always ask me if I mean the old Motorola flip phone.
    4. Yeah, I'd recommend it. The company is engaged as well as the community and it seems like razer are actively willing to work on the kinks and add new features.

    Just to add- I have my screen brightness turned nearly all the way down. I can't handle how bright it is- anyone else notice this?
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  13. RedDraco

    RedDraco New Member

    My first one legit died after the battery hit 0%, it wouldn't charge. Only after 3 weeks, it was the first time it hit zero. I bought it at the Window store, so they just exchanged. The one they exchanged for, from the box it wouldn't received LTE nor 3G. So 2hrs of playing around and going to T-Mobile for a new SIM. I exchanged for a third one. Otherwise no other problems.
  14. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    You must be lucky or living in a dark place. Mine is set around 75% brightness all the time and 100% under bright ambient. I need it to go brighter.

    Just to add another issue that I encountered today. After pausing Spotify and switched my BT headset off, the phone went to sleep and would not wake for around 10mins when I tried to reboot. Nothing happened even when I plug the power cable in. I thought the phone was dead. And miraculously, it woke by itself (screen on) after another couple of minutes with the power cable still attached. Sigh.... I hope it doesn't happen during urgent times.
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  15. yoyoyoru

    yoyoyoru New Member

    So uh.... does anyone's quick charge actually work? Cause mine doesnt charge nowhere as fast as advertised (not even within the range).
  16. Munsened

    Munsened New Member

    The quick charge on mine works absolutely perfectly as advertised.
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  17. ElectricSun

    ElectricSun New Member

    My phone goes into rapid charge mode on the original Razer power block and the Samsung Adaptive fast charging block. Hell, when I was seriously stuck, I charged it of my Apple laptop USB-C Lighting charging block and that was seriously fast.
  18. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    No problem on mine.
  19. Sprint6mEDM

    Sprint6mEDM New Member

    Mine also charges quick as well, when using the original Razer power block! Had no issues with my phone.
  20. yoyoyoru

    yoyoyoru New Member

    Can you guys tell me how long it takes for a full charge?
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