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Razer phone screen sensitivity issue

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by bookgeoTulip405, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. bookgeoTulip405

    bookgeoTulip405 New Member

    Hi all,

    Been using the Razer phone for a month now, everything is great. Those who have it will agree.

    However I do notice one issue with my unit. The screen is sometimes not sensitive or responsive enough.

    For example, whenever I am on YouTube on max screen, I would have trouble exiting max screen mode unless I tap on the right bottom corner a few more times. Or when I am typing a bit faster, some keys would not get recognized. This happens more than tolerable.(meaning every time I watch a video or play video game)

    Just want to know if anyone else is having the same issue? Any fixes?
  2. thiago-vvs

    thiago-vvs New Member

    I'm noticing lack of sensitivity too. Sometimes double tap to wake doesn't work...
  3. Since the update yesterday the sensitivity is gone berserk. I can hardly type or even touch the screen without closing apps or opening new ones.
  4. bookgeoTulip405

    bookgeoTulip405 New Member

    Awkwardly mine got abit better after the upgrade..lol Problem is still there, bit better
  5. Mine sorted itself out after I rebooted a couple of times during the day. Double tap is working fine too. Happy days ☺️
  6. thiago-vvs

    thiago-vvs New Member

    Mine is a bit better too. Double tap is working a little bit slowly, but it's working
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