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Razer Phone series andriod 10 OEM update.

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by OPALTuftsBlueever308, Sep 15, 2019.

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  1. When will it come to this gaming phone line? I want this mainly because of Google's modular security patch system that is introduced by this update as I'm still on Feb 2019 on my Razer Phone 2 as I wait for a 5g gaming modular case for this device post Panasonic laptop upgrade Mr.Mobile reviewed recently seeing this phone as a cloud gaming device with GeForce Now coming to Andriod OS soon. Thanks.
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  2. Stubtoft

    Stubtoft New Member

    I'll give it 2 years. Maybe never.

    I am currently still on 8.1 oreo on my Razer Phone 2.
    They haven't pushed a global release of Pie yet.

    So alot of users of the Razer Phone and 2 is still in Oreo.

    Don't ask me why though. It has something to do with the mobile industry and the carriers of network in every country.
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  3. Gotcha. Kinda dissipointing since I just bought this device for cloud gaming.
  4. For your specific use case you can use moonlight with GeForce Experience to play games on your laptop from your phone. Even works from outside the LAN if you forward a handful of ports.
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  5. ThirdTemple

    ThirdTemple Active Member

    The global was pushed, users in Americas, Europe, and Asia have it: for the unlocked variant.

    You referring to the carrier tied devices?
  6. Stubtoft

    Stubtoft New Member

    Yes, i might have misunderstood something.

    But i know im in the right direction.

    It might be the other way around, but i am still on OREO 8.1. And when i ask razer, they give me a bad all around explanation. Instead of telling me straight away, why it is for me.

    Maybe because they cant, but i still feel like their way of answering is kind of ambivalent.
  7. Edwin4321

    Edwin4321 New Member

    I love my razer 2, it's unlocked I just got the September update, it came with pie when I bought it from razer a month ago, I've bought both unlocked and carrier versions of a few different phones, unlocked is definitely the way to go, and after seeing the difference between file transfers and a few other things I'm done with Samsung phones forever, even the unlocked versions are slowed down by bloatware
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  8. I am hoping the decision at Razer Mobile is to hold off on any new Hardware (New Phone) until 5G networks are more established. This would also allow time for development of 4k IGZO OLED 120hz screen. (IGZO OLED is less power consumption than IGZO IPS LCD at legible daylight brightness levels.

    In the meantime it would serve as a great testament to the community, to focus efforts on improved updates for boy Razer Phone and Phone 2. Bluetooth Codecs for aac, aptx, and aptx-hd would be most welcome. Better device optimization for "now included" in Android 9+ digital wellbeing and adaptive battery.

    For kicks they could add in more Chroma effects. Like Different Pulses for different notifications.

    Razer has kept Android near stock, so they have an opportunity to really deliver on having Android optimized 9n the handset as well as their few Razer specific apps being improved and further optimized on latest Android builds.
    With follow-up Support with improved updates, latest Android Build, and new features(Chroma, audio(thx)) would even help extend beyond Gamer/Media phone to just Razer Phone Series being a great Android Phone Series.

    Don't have to release a new Hardware device every year, especially with minor hardware changes. Current LTE networks have practically matured, so there is no more chasing of new LTE bands that require a new chiopset or modem. Which should allow Razer to focus on Software improvements for their Phone Series.
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  9. DGMurdockIII

    DGMurdockIII Active Member

    Yes more software improvements please
  10. Pinkshot

    Pinkshot Member

    Software is Razer's achilles heel. Beef up this department and you're able to compete.
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