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Razer Phone vs ROG Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by RepubliCommando, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. So... anyone else mind blown at this ROG phone that was announced?
    This looks like it literally ate the razer phone and THEN took steroids.
    I think Razer should amp up their game, introduce some software competition because Razer has a certain design language they won't change physically about the device (no problems there).
    But let's consider the fact that we got a phone made by the same company who makes Synapse, Cortex, PC peripherals.
    I love my Razer phone, but to add some spice into this duel between "gaming phones" Razer has tons of potential even if it doesn't look like a monster brick. It's the process in linking all these nodes together to make this product even MORE RAZER, not just a super awesome hardwared up Android phone stamped with a brand logo. Here's what I want Razer...

    Make our Razer Phone's really shine against this new level of competition, software is where the advantage is because your company bandwidth supports software development.
    Give us apps to change our PC chroma themes remotely, set prefs on our Cortex booster, mirror games from PC to our phone with Cortex, use the phone as a mini display with buttons for RPG games like those keyboards you made a while back with the built in touch screen. Something, anything to make this phone really a nice PC peripheral and stay true to the words "a phone FOR gamers" (notice I didn't say "gaming phone" cause let's be honest ROG is winning that battle)

    Anyone have any other ideas for Razer?
    What would make your R-Phone more of a "Phone FOR Gamers" that Razer could implement in software?

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  2. KVSOT3

    KVSOT3 New Member

    OML. 512 gb of storage??????? It seems too good to be true..........and the price must be unaffordable.
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  3. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Do they have ETA and price already? Bet it’ll work only half day with those specs and you have to carry around power bank and pheriperals that charge the phone. Still love better my Razer Phone and prefer using switch for real gaming experience on go, than bringing such cooling or accessories. Linda a bit different because it can act as PC and get screen real estate on go, not as that new Razer hater Linus that betrayal is saying MSI apps could destroy project Linda, in some meaning it’s right if it doesn’t come with bugs, which I doubt since it is different from hardware connection on Linda vs apps like simulation software that need good CPU and GPU to run. @Razer Admin don’t send anything free again to him;)
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  4. In depth review

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  5. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

  6. samuel2989

    samuel2989 New Member

    I will still not get the ROG Phone if I want a gaming phone, the Razer Phone is still my gaming phone choice as it has a dedicated microSD slot while the ROG Phone will be a big and bulky phone if I attach the separately-sold "handheld" accessory just to have expandable memory.
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  7. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    512gb of storage isn't enough?
    Razer only comes with 64gb onboard....
  8. Joikansai

    Joikansai Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    512gb is only option, and they’re still thinking about pricing...that will reach i phone x price tag for believe, but with half battery life from Razer Phone I guess;)
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  9. samuel2989

    samuel2989 New Member

    That's 512GB of internal storage that you'll put games, apps, pictures, music and documents etc. in and over time, it'll be almost full and no memory card slot means you must buy external storage or a microSD card reader which adds unworthy costs to that of the "expensive" phone.

    The Razer Phone is still a better choice for me despite the almost outdated hardware, I'm not willing to set aside or sell my microSD cards (one of them is 128GB) just for the newer specs, better cooling and the insane amount of internal memory.
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  10. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    The price is going to be around the same as a laptop.
    The rog phone will do bad in sales as no one is going to shell out 1600 on a "gaming" phone no matter the specs.

    I don't know the price on the base 128gb model though but it looks like it will still be over 1k usd :slightly_sad:
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  11. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    You will never fill up 512gb of storage on a phone even if you are putting a ton of rooms on it don't be silly.
    It even has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

    You are just looking for things to complain about. At least find valid reasons.
    Is there a single phone that has 512gb of storage right now in the entire world?
  12. samuel2989

    samuel2989 New Member

    You're the "silly" one 'cause I don't give a darn about the 3.5mm headphone jack, the Razer Phone's headphone jack adapter has better amplification and I have a Asus ZenFone 3, so I can guess the audio quality between the ROG Phone's internal headphone jack despite having DTS enhancements and that of my current phone might have no difference.

    Lastly, don't ever trust current reviews from tech websites about the ROG Phone, what most of them have are prototypes aka "not finalized" which manufacturers always make them almost perfect, I'll rather wait and see how much corners Asus will cut for the finalized retail version then we'll see who laughs last.
  13. Dribugd

    Dribugd Member

    Buu... A Razer Phone still best.
  14. whatsupcowboy

    whatsupcowboy New Member

    I really liked the position of the razer phone's fingerprint sensor compared to a back sensor.+1

    But the feature I liked the best about the razer phone has been copied over by the ROG phone, loud (but maybe not front facing ?) stereo speakers. +- 0

    Asus is a more familiar brand to me since they've been around longer and they have a better track record of RMAing my mini pc, motherboards, GPU and routers with a generally longer warranty period. (That's why to date, all these items owned by me are of Asus brand) -1

    I gave up on:
    1. Zotac (mini pc and gpu <- not bad but they always run out of stocks due to low stock, maybe cuz they are smaller company),
    2. Gigabyte (mobo + gpu <- longer process and sometimes they blame the user) and;
    3. TP Link & DLink ( why your stuffs always just break down right after the shorter than asus warranty period).

    If the maintain the same level of services for the ROG phone, I will be leaning that direction. (2 year warranty please !!!)

    The only thing I didn't go ASUS is the maker board cuz I love my raspberry pi(s). Even though an IT expert keep nugging on me to try it out.

    The 1 design change I hope that asus will change is the sharp 4 corner edges. It just doesn't feel comfortable when resting on your palm, hence why no other smartphone on the market has those rectangular edges but rather rounded ones. (-1)

    Tallying the scores between asus vs razer would result in asus winning by 1 point in my books. (hopefully more points if they give 2 year warranty, which I doubt but am wishful)
  15. whatsupcowboy

    whatsupcowboy New Member

    But they do have a rechargeable handheld accessory for that (and many more other accessories), razer phone has yet to release even a solution for us razer phone owners to charging and listening at the same time. Bluetooth headphones just doesn't cut it, my experience on long flights is that half the time the bluetooth headphones just literally run out of juice !! Can I charge the Bluetooth headphone and use it at the same time !?

    There is a reason why so many tech sites hate on the removal of headphone jacks. The whole thing is just like windows 8 dropping the start menu. It should not be so ! Bring it back !

    Oh I forgot to add the lack of a audio jack to my post above ! Asus is now at +2 points overall !
  16. hasimo14

    hasimo14 Well-Known Member

    I'm literally laughing at this.... it's true though, razer phone is like normal fitness building body with normal consumption, eating chicken breast and have diet like regular gym people, and then come xiaomi black shark which I think using steroid halfway.... but then there is this ROG phone and it used steroid fully....

    I want razer phone to keep the design, not too much like the other two... keep it simple.... and I agree with software development, it need to be the focus to improve at the next phone, because most of the problem razer phone have coming from the software (what I read till now)....
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  17. NiuZaiChiShi

    NiuZaiChiShi New Member

    I don't know about Asus phone since i dont own it but please for god sake, put in more people to drive the software development part. Software sucks, i had to hard reset my phone by pushing the vol down + home button at the same time every 3-4 days.
  18. Dribugd

    Dribugd Member

    Generally speaking, Asus RoG does good equipment, but in my opinion there is a lack of people to write a decent software and upgrade to such a form that it would rip into the ideal.
  19. Awesome description of the diet there mate xD
  20. Geassorder

    Geassorder New Member

    a phone is phone calls and text. if i want to game, im just going to buy a gaming laptop. its literally just a computer , a mini one. But to each there own,
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