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Razer Phone vs ROG Phone

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by RepubliCommando, Jun 12, 2018.

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  1. I bought the Razer Phone after seeing the press coverage of Project Linda. I wanted to show my support of Razer's platform and it's a damn cool phone. I am no longer in possession of that phone, as my daughter took my phone (pic below).The screen and sound were so much better than the iPhone she had, she decided she needed it more than me. Also very telling is the ease of interface with Nova launcher. Well played by Razer to make the phone more accessible than the iPhone. I want to see Razer succeed and expand the line.

    So ASUS, via their ROG gaming line, showed a potential competitor to the Razer Phone. Unlike the tech journalist, I don't compare phones as ASUS yet has yet to ship and the Razer Phone has been out for some time. A fair comparison would be the ROG Phone with accessories and Project Linda, as neither has been released, but the press has seen working prototypes. The ROG announcement was impressive, but I really want to see Razer's response.

    For the Razer phone, I would like to see a bump in the processor, a headphone jack, and some amount of water resistance. These items are obvious updates, but I see the ROG way with multiple peripherals as the real fight for user interest. Producing and releasing Project Linda would be a good start for Razer, as the lap dock wouldn't limit itself to just gamers, but also include professionals and power users. A Razer dock would also be good. I've tried several Samsung DEX like docks and they are hit or miss with the current Razer phone/Oreo (though a Samsung Note 8 worked with all of them). A handheld dock could give something to the hardcore gamers and, if compatible with the first Razer Phone, would leverage a greater user pool from the start.

    pic of my daughter and the Razer Phone she absconded
  2. AskingForTrouble

    AskingForTrouble New Member

    I'll be frank, I never understood the purpose of a specialized gaming phone. I can see the appeal if it had, say, features that supplement other products in the company's (i.e. Razer, Asus) repertoire, but anything past a recent iPhone or Samsung seems to be overdoing it.

    PS freshMountbattenPink398 -- Cute kid, you should feel proud.
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