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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by VerdankG, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. slippercream

    slippercream New Member

    Awesome, thanks for the heads-up. Look forward to hearing about it! Would carrier-specific updates could be region-specific, and maybe have more cumulative fixes for hardware-specific connectivity issues?

    FWIW, here's what I have (US unlocked version):

  2. It works... Three UK with Nissan Juke.
  3. Update: all is good so far , Bluetooth reconnects with car every time.
  4. slippercream

    slippercream New Member

    Ok, for all you Mitsubishi guys/gals with pre-Android Auto head units - got some good news for you:

    If you've got a Fuse Link-enabled factory head unit and your RP2 can't seem to hold a connection when pairing, all you need is a firmware update on the head unit. This can only be done by the dealerships, per OE Manufacturer Visteon's website, as I mentioned a few posts above.

    In my case, I have the 7" non-navi head unit. Checking the firmware (instructions on how to do this, again in Visteon's website) revealed that both vehicles in question had v.11.0.0 (on the 2014 Evo MR) and 18.0.0 (on the 2015 Evo FE), respectively. Latest version is 19.0.0.

    It's the latest version (19.0.0) that fixed the connectivity issue.

    FWIW, I did get some instructions from Razer Support on trying out some different Bluetooth settings on the phone via the Developer menu, but I didn't touch any of that until I could have the dealership complete the HU update. To keep other variables constant, if you will.

    This update is applicable to all Mitsubishi vehicles from 2014 to 2018 with/or without navi, with the possible exception of the Mirage. (The latter's HU is different altogether.) Key is if you have a 3-button bluetooth control unit on your steering wheel, and have a 7" display with a single dial --- or the Navi versions of the same. Doesn't matter if you have the Fosgate system, head units and firmware are the same.

  5. Shazzer

    Shazzer New Member

    My Razar Phone 2 is having issue with Bluetooth in my 2016 Malibu

    It does connect to bluetooth and Andriod Auto opens when its connected to the USB Port and/or Bluetooth. I've reset the phone and my head unit. This includes resetting Bluetooth, Android Auto, Google Play Music, Tried Changing Bluetooth codecs (turned off/on Dolby AAC)....I can't get it to work with any app BUT Spotify...Works perfect.

    My Razar 1 phone worked perfect with this unit and it was running Oreo as well.
  6. Shreddawg

    Shreddawg New Member

    Thanks for the info! I need to get my car serviced in the next couple weeks might have them update the car then. Then again I might just try and update the system myself... Doesn't seem too difficult based off what I've read online.

    Still don't understand why RP1 works without issues.
  7. Shall I also use fmwhatsapp android app on razor phone with bluetooth car audio system without any issues? can you please let me know?
  8. Shreddawg

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    Finally got the Bluetooth update in my Lancer. Still can't get RP2 to connect >.<
    Tomorrow when I have more time I'll delete all devices from car and try connecting again.
  9. andarius_01

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    I recently acquired the Phone 2, upgrading from a Phone (1). The Phone (1) would connect to my head unit every time without fail.

    The Phone 2 failed to connect every attempt. If plugged in via USB Android Auto worked well and the Bluetooth would connect and remain connected and stable even is the USB was removed. On a whim I removed Android Auto and the Bluetooth now connects first attempt every time.

    This leads me to suspect something with the Bluetooth trying to bring up Android Auto. Only reasoning I can come up with is the headunit is capable of Wireless Android Auto.

    EDIT: I should note Wireless Android Auto did not work with the Phone (1) or the Phone 2. Only USB connections are working for Android Auto.
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    So I got the razer phone for Christmas but I've been unable to get audio to play through my car stereo. I can sync the phone to the radio, and I'm sure to receive calls and talk through the system, but it absolutely refuses to play music through the car, instead opting to use the phone speakers.

    I've set the Bluetooth to play audio through selected device, but that's about all I can think of.

    Has anyone had a similar problem?


    I was a Samsung user where I used Samsung SmartThings to connect my Bluetooth devices automatically. then I bought the Razer phone 2 and all my auto connections stopped. (I assume because this isn't a Samsung but what do I know ‍♀️ )

    So I went to the F-Droid store (apk) and downloaded an app called "A2DP Volume" and it seems to have done the trick for my 2012 Sonata and my Beats earbuds.
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  11. ProjNemesis

    ProjNemesis New Member

    I can't connect with Mersedece. It can't even find it. Total trash with antennas. Even to catch in my room WiFi and mobile connection constantly dropping. others with different brands not having problems.
    RP1 on 8.1 UK

    Hopefully will be fixed with Pie otherwise straight back to OnepOne. One of the best for it's price category.
  12. Shreddawg

    Shreddawg New Member

    The RP2 update that came out today fixed the Bluetooth issues. Was able to connect to my car and a stereo without any issues!

    Clear Bluetooth cache and update your phone... Issue should be resolved!
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