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Discussion in 'Mobile' started by VerdankG, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. After the latest update the razerphone stopped working with my Intellilink radio in my Insignia.
    Phonecalls are working but no music over bluetooth. The music option is set in the bluetooth settings. Never had problems for 2 months from the beginning till the update came in yesterday.
    Deleting and repairing wont help.
  2. I'm having similar issues with my Razer phone and my VW polo. Bluetooth doesn't auto-connect most times, and it didn't like playing Spotify through the car. When I eventually get it working (through deleting and re-pairing), it then doesn't show any of the music data on the car screen. Also, images from my contacts in my phone book have disappeared when reviewing them on the car screens. All was working fine until the last update (May security patch).
  3. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

  4. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    I would rather not factory reset my phone. I've been on 8.1 for a while with no problems. Razer support still isn't giving me a response from last week though. They changed their timeline from 24-48 hours to "within a week" they broke it can't be that hard to put a bug fix to fix it. Who cares about portrait mode if core hardware isn't working anymore.
    Worst gripe about any company is when they blindly release new features and items while not fixing existing features of breaking them.

    Still waiting on screenshot as those settings don't exist for people with our phone...
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  5. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Ok, I just spoke to Razer support and they have said if you roll back it voids your warranty. They advised a reset (power and vol up) and if that doesn;t solve it then I can get a replacement.
  6. Rsgc90

    Rsgc90 New Member

    I'm pretty sure even a replacement won't help. This has only been happening since the latest update with protrait mode etc
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  7. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Yep, I'm not 100% confident either because as I understand it the new phones are issued with 8.1 pre-installed and that's a big worry if it's a fundamental OS problem. However, I know of two friends with the same phone & same OTA update who claim not to have the issue. And anecdotally there must be plenty of others because whilst it's not hard to find an "Oreo 8.1 & BT Issue thread" across differing handsets I'm not seeing forums especially spammed about it either.

    Bottom line for me is that I had stock Three 7.1 OS on with no issues and after updating to a delayed (to fix these issues) Three 8.1 roll out as advised the BT does not work correctly. I'm perfectly happy to roll back to 7.1 (or run a version of 8.1) where the functions work as intended but not at the cost of voiding my warranty. Especially when it looks like I may need to fall back on it as currently it's their problem (contracturally) not mine.

    So for me, if it comes to it, I'd rather try the RMA route a few times and hopefully get one that works than void the warranty. The only alternative I can see is to wait and hope that a further update is released to fix this but who knows when or even if that's going to happen.

    Anyway before that I'll try the reset (then factory reset as a last resort) and report back.
  8. Rsgc90

    Rsgc90 New Member

    I had the same, 8.1 worked fine until razer released their latest update.
  9. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    Yeah just to be clear 8.1 worked fine. Only the 300mb bugfix broke BT.

    BT worked great on 8.1
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  10. Same here. No problems with 8.1 till that update yesterday.
  11. Rsgc90

    Rsgc90 New Member

    I've spoken to support on twitter seems to be the only way to get a response.
    First attempt was the reset power button and volume button. Still didn't work.
    Second attempt factory reset, now this will work providing the phone isn't updated but as soon as you update goes back to square one.
  12. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Yep and as with Darksteel and probably most people I'm really not keen on factory resetting unless absolutely necessary. At this point I think that's the only viable option available though (reset did nothing of use) and then ignore the repetitive update message. The downside might be that they think the problem's gone away and then it may never get fixed.
  13. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    The only "fix" is another update from Razer and revoking this bad update.
    No matter how you restart your phone its not going to fix it.
    Clearly a software issue with recent bugfix patch.
  14. xRuhRohx

    xRuhRohx Member

    8.1 Build Number ending in 4054 worked beautifully with BT.
    8.1 Build Number ending in 5038 broke BT.

    If you had 4054 and BT didn't work then either, you might want to check with support.
    But if BT worked for you on the previous, everyone needs to contact support and let them know there is an issue.
    Maybe they will see it here, maybe not. But the only thing we can do is wait for another OS update.
  15. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    I am contacting support daily to "remind" them to fix it.
  16. Rsgc90

    Rsgc90 New Member

    Anyone had any further progression with this and razer support?
  17. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    Support said the engineering team still hasn't started working on it /updating it. Very poor support will never buy another expensive Razer product again (I have been buying Razer for years) you can't have this kind of bad support for cell phones in this day and age. Should of got a Google Pixel instead.
  18. Midnightfrolic

    Midnightfrolic New Member

    Same issue here. Pairs with my 2012 Acura TSX, but only media audio only. Razer Phone Bluetooth shows "connected (no phone)".

    I unchecked the MEDIA and CONTACT SHARING, leaving only the PHONE CALLS. It never connects, even when manually telling the phone to connect via Bluetooth. I do have OS 8.1 build ending in 5038.

    I'm guessing this will never get fixed.
  19. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    I'm still pursuing this with support and currently waiting on a reply from them.

    As far as I'm concerned they either need to urgently roll out a hot fix or allow us to flash 7.1.1 MR3 or 8.1 MR0 without voiding the warranty.

    EDIT: I'd missed their reply e-mail. They have basically said that they'll forward on my comments to the correct dept. but believe that they are already on it so maybe a hot fix is on the way. They've also offered me a replacement but I'm not sure that's going to help unless it ships with 7.1 MR3 as Three seemed to have skipped 8.1 MR0 because that didn't work either. I'll ask the question and let you know.
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  20. Darksteel165

    Darksteel165 Member

    If this doesn't get fixed soon I will force them to give me a refund for breaking my phone. They released an update that broke a hardware item.
    Make sure you keep contacting support as they are saying it is an isolated incident the last time I chatted with with last night which is crap.

    I contact support daily or every other day because it NEEDS to get fixed.

    Doesn't work with any cars ive tested with Chevy, GM, and Kia all same thing.

    Its officially been a month since they released a bad update that broke our phones and they have no update when I contact them and tell me to pound sand too bad for buying our phone.
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