Razer phone with Bluetooth car audio

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by VerdankG, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. No its not the biggest problem ever but if you buy a product with this functionality and then its removed, it then becomes a big problem, more so if as others say, they need bluetooth auto connection to activate. It then becomes an even bigger issue if the manufacturer refuses to provide customer service and cant provide an ETA for a fix. The it becomes a super big issue when I make a complaint to Razer and they dont even reply to their emails.

    The device is a good phone but I want more than a phone. I want the device I was sold, which included bluetooth auto connnect and controls.

    Razer - I'm so disappointed in your product, help centre and customer service. I have asked for info on how to make a formal complaint but your support team ignore my emails. I have posted on your facebook page but still nothing. This is not doing your business any good...............
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  2. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    Anyone heard anything more about this?

    I keep getting the "not heard from you so we're going to close your ticket" emails, which I keep replying to saying it is not resolved but I've not heard anything about a time line for a fix to be released.
  3. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    I was given the fix listed on this thread earlier, but it didn't help my situation any. so now im just patiently waiting/hoping they put out a patch to fix this. funnily enough I found a pair of Razer BT hammerheads on clearance a week ago. and they of course work perfectly with the phone.
  4. It ought to be about time for the next update, right? The longest gap between updates, so far, has been less than three months.
  5. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    I'm sitting here watching the Walking Dead while reading this, and just started thinking about how everyone in this thread so far would most definitely be a zombie! Back in my time, they didn't even have the Blue Tooth. They didn't have the Face Chat or Snapbook neither, and we survived just fine. :smile_::smile_:
  6. hgv1970

    hgv1970 New Member

    Back in my time?
    Have the dead risen and taken to the internet ?

    Sure the trolls were better back in the day ;P
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  7. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    No but I was just thinking about how these are some serious first world problems we are having here I'm not entirely sure why people are arguing with each other so much through this forum. It's not getting it fixed any faster...

    Regardless, I'm working on downgrading my Razer phone back to 7.1.1 and I'll report back on if it fixed the problem for me. May not be the most perfect solution, but for now I'm willing to give it a shot. Being in outside sales and having to re-pair everything is kind of a hassle. Still though, beats having an iPhone or Samsung.
  8. hgv1970

    hgv1970 New Member

    Doesn't rolling back void the warranty.
  9. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    No, installing 3rd party ROMs and kernels voids the warranty. Razer has it on their own support page on how to install the factory images.


    By the way, it works. If you really NEED to fix this, just roll it back to the firmware before the update that broke everything. Then just make sure you don't update your phone until Razer adresses the issue. Problem solved. Close thread.
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  10. hgv1970

    hgv1970 New Member

    So to flash the the roll back you need to unlock the Bootlocker
    Disclaimer statement:
    Modifying your Razer Phone by unlocking the bootloader, or rooting your device will void your warranty.
  11. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    Look, I'm not here to argue, I'm presenting a solution. Yes, you have to unlock the bootloader, unlocking the bootloader is not the same thing as rooting your phone. If you unlock the bootloader and reinstall stock factory images, you are not rooting or modifying your phone. Consider it like a factory reset. And you can always relock the bootloader after you are done.
  12. I asked Razer to roll me back, they said they could but it would invaildate the warranty. So they wouldnt do it...
  13. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    For those of you who dare do it yourself, (not hard at all...) go ahead and check out the links I am putting below. It is really a simple task, but make sure you are completely aware of what you are doing. Make a backup of all your files on your phone, they will be deleted. However, this does completely fix the bluetooth problem, and gives you back a completely functional phone. I have been doing this kind of stuff for years, the process is much more simplified now than it used to be. Regardless, here is a self help page.



    IF YOU FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS ONE STEP AT A TIME, YOU WILL BE FINE. This will be the last post I put here, from here on it is on you guys to solve some problems yourselves and stop complaining so much. Razer can't void your warranty if your bootloader is locked, though they might void mine just for trying to be helpful to you guys...Relocking the bootloader is done in the process of rolling it back. Anyways, good luck!

  14. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    If you had read the entire thread you would know that this was discussed very early on and many of us favoured waiting for Razer to roll out a fix. Whether flashing a custom image or stock it does void your warranty and whilst the chances of having an issue flashing back are remote it can brick your phone. If that should happen you can't re-lock the bootloader and people would then have no warranty to fall back on.

    Why should it be on us guys to solve a problem Razer created? It's clearly Razer's responsibility especially when there are very real risks involved in us doing so.

    On a more positive note as someone else posted, it's been nearly 3 months now so there should be an update just around the corner.
  15. JesterPC

    JesterPC New Member

    Having a wierdly similar problem. I received my phone last week, ensured it had the latest Firmware, and set up Android Auto with it (I did NOT try bluetoothing it to my stereo first, as AA handles that as part of the setup, I drive a 2016 Civic). Everything worked great. Maps felt snappier than on my Pixel 1, etc.

    Everything continued to work fine with my car, and with my portable bluetooth speaker I use around the house. Then over the weekend it just... Stopped working with my car. I literally drove to the grocery store with Android Auto on, then when I got back in my car after shopping it wouldn't work. No software updates, no app installs in that time, nothing at all.

    Android Auto claimed that 'no device is connected' and when I connected with Bluetooth it would display track names but not actually play any audio. I tried soft resetting to no avail, both on my car stereo and my phone. I also tried deleting Android Auto from my phone, clearing my cache, and clearing out all of the devices synced to my car.

    I plugged my old Pixel in and it booted Android Auto just fine with no issues, so I know it's not the car or the cable. I also am having no issues with my Razer phone connecting to my portable speaker. It's just Razer phone to car stereo/Android Auto. Seems super weird that it worked for a few days before cutting out too. I started putting in support tickets too, for what it's worth.
  16. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    If you had read my entire POST, I said that I was simply presenting a solution. It was up to you guys whether you wanted to use it or not. I couldn't care less about you bitching about a problem you can fix yourself. I simply ENABLED you with the information to FIX THE PROBLEM, because it is blatantly obvious it isn't getting fixed by Razer. And with that I bid you good day.
  17. ToSeFP

    ToSeFP New Member

    I've ran out of patience and will flash an older version on my phone even if it voids my warranty. Do I have to go to stock, or will the 8.1 MR0 image be enough?
  18. Cubsfan3493

    Cubsfan3493 New Member

    MR0 is enough .Make sure to make a backup of all files on the internal memory, they will be wiped .
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  19. xScazz

    xScazz New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I posted in another thread that seems to have been deleted but I think @Darksteel165 was in it.
    Basically razer tried to blame Nissan for the fault, I went down all the appropriate routes and even took my car into the dealership for testing of the stereo. Everything is fine, I relayed this to razer and said I'd get my girlfriends galaxy s8 connected up the following night. I got an instant response with an admission it was a fault on razers behalf. See quote below.

    'I will be eager to hear about the results of testing the Samsung Galaxy S8 on your Nissan's infotainment system. Note that we have in fact identified this issue as being a Razer Phone issue, and are currently working on an update that will fix this in the near future.'

    I received this on the 27th June. The problem was reported end of May.

    Very disappointed there's no fix.

    I must add that Bluetooth does work via the stereo but I have to connect manually. Steering controls and stereo controls will not control the phone. Information will not display on the stereo screen that being music or contacts for phone calls.

    This is a big deal as I'm paying for a product that has advertised features that do not work. I travel a lot in my line of work meaning I use hands free as it's a illegal to use a phone whilst driving. Tried to go down the route of giving the phone back to Three but it had to be within a certain time frame of purchase. Gutted I left Samsung to be honest.
  20. godashram

    godashram Member

    They probably blamed the car 1st since, to be honest, bluetooth as a standard is a mess most of the time. The bigger issue, as these threads have proven, is that there is an issue with bluetooth on the Razer Phone. I don't see how it would be so hard to revert the bluetooth stack and push out a minor update, but seeing how updates have been released, they probably think 1 big update is easier vs a bunch of smaller updates. What doesn't help is the lack of communication. Tier 1 support seems to be grasping at straws while no real info is being given.
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