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Razer phone with Bluetooth car audio

Discussion in 'Mobile' started by VerdankG, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    You could flash the global MR2 image but it'll void your warranty if anything goes wrong (and Razer themselves warn that flashing to global from branded might) and you need to find an image first. It's not on the Razer developer site but I read on Reddit that someone did just that so it must be obtainable from somewhere.

    Or you could try to RMA your phone and hope that the new one is global and not 3 branded. That may not be any quicker than waiting for 3 to release MR2 though and probably a long shot getting a global version & not 3 anyway.
  2. I've ran out of patience and will flash an older version on my phone even if it voids my warranty. Do I have to go to stock, or will the 8.1 MR0 image be enough?
    is there any resolution?
    pubg pc
  3. I gave Three a proper telling off this morning!! Their customer service saying I need to contact Razer to resolve. The point I was making is that Three sold me a phone and they need to support it. Three dont have a date for the fix as Razer havent pushed the updated firware to them.

    So I contacted Razer. They couldnt give me a date but kindly asked me to wait. I declined. I asked for a replacement worldwide handset instead of three branded, as this will fix the issue, due to a worldwide fix already released.
    I still hold Three to account though as I asked them what have they done to help its customers, seems very little...
  4. FritzCT

    FritzCT New Member

    I believe MR0 is sufficient but not certain as I originally updated from 7.1.1 so never ran MR0.

    What did they say when you asked for a global handset?

    I totally agree about 3. I've been with them for years and always found them excellent until this fiasco (in fact the same could be said for Razer).

    I don't mind a reasonable wait as these things take time but I have waited...for 5 months...and still don't have a fix (or even a date for a fix) for a fundamental problem with a supposedly market leading phone.

    Right now I'm not ready to buy anything else off either of them. Shame really because my Mamba Elite mouse & Tiamat headset both need replacing. Guess I'll hit up Logitech this time around.
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  5. Razer gave me an RMA form to fill out, I've done this so lets see how long it takes them to come back to me. Three said they wil come back to me in 48hrs, but they also said this last week and failed.

    Not that its worth it but I threatened them both with trading standards, epecially Three as Im still paying the same amount on my contract even though the phone has reduced ability.
  6. coreykill

    coreykill New Member

    well just factory reset my phone and its still not talking to my car stereo or house stereo until I manually change the audio codecs under developer options. and it needs done every time. really running out of ideas. just says connected no media.
  7. After filling out the RMA form, together with all the images required of my receipt, I received an email to say I cant return my handset and I have to wait. So I've reported both Three and Razer to trading standards.
  8. xScazz

    xScazz New Member

    Just received a message from 3. Beyond fuming about a release of the Razer 2. I vow to never buy another Razer product. Customer service is appalling and the support for a what £600 device is an absolute disgrace. One of the main features of a mobile phone has been broken for at least 5 months. Very very disappointed. Hopefully the Asus ROG has a better team behind it!
  9. I chased up again this morning, looking for a fix or replacement global handset. Support simply cant help you. They either dont know or rude. I asked for an email address to submit my complaint to, wait for it.... I have to write, yes write a letter to germany office. I cant put into words how sick I am of this situation. No cutomer service, no help, no care, no date for fix, no longer going to put up with this from Razer. Come and collect your phone, i hate it!!!!
  10. Barton71

    Barton71 New Member

    Its a shame really. It is the only thing i can fault the phone on, but it is a pretty major fault. Waiting 5 months for a fix to feature which is pretty important, regardless of which phone you own, is simply not acceptable. And for companies like Three and Razer, who rely upon customer loyalty, to ignore the issue, is rubbing salt into the wounds.
    The last communication i had from Razer was at the start of June, when they said that they were aware of the issue and that a fix would be rolled out with the next update, although they never gave a date for the next update. Since then, there has been nothing. It just appears to me that they have washed their hands of the problem, hoping that we will go away.
  11. I sure wont be letting them get away with this...
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