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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lumi, Jan 7, 2015.

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  1. Joker416

    Joker416 New Member

    Hey Razer team, since yu guys are the gaming masters in the pc world, why not try something different for your next project, like a razer phone, the worlds fastest phone alongside a new os made by gamers for gamers... im not trying to be rude if that is what anyone thought by how im talkin but, yu guys are too good for just the pc world, its about time yu guys expand, this will cause a huge group to join yu guys on the journey... so y not try?

    Btw what happened to the switchblade, i really wanted 1

    also, please bring back razer naga molten, ans what do yu guys thing about a razer naga molten chroma.

    And EV1 VOTE FOR RAZER FORGE TV SO THEY WIN, i already voted and told all my friends to vote aswell.

    Also, anyone play Maplestory?
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  2. schayward

    schayward New Member

    They should team up with canonical. It was a shame the Edge didn't get enough funding.
  3. Maybe not a new OS (we all love the Amazon Fire Phone) but with a really sleek skin of Android with a green&black theme. I have been wanting one, too.
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  4. Joker416

    Joker416 New Member

    Absolutly, that would be a awesome idea
  5. What if the Forge TV is part of a Forge product line that would include a Phone and Tablet?!
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  6. Joker416

    Joker416 New Member

    That would be even better and it would make be want it even more. since it is arounf 100$ i should be getting it along with the turrent but im not so sure about the controller because my parents dont want me spending too much money on games
  7. Yeah I am planning to sell my Nvidia Shield Tablet and controller for the full package. Even though my PC will be 8 feet away from me, it will be very nice to have the ability to play from my bed on a larger screen.
  8. Joker416

    Joker416 New Member

    i pretty much wanna do the same
  9. raptor7279

    raptor7279 Member

    Although I've been using an iPhone all these while, I won't mind jumping over to Android if Razer actually comes out with a Razer phone! :D
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  10. I do use an iPhone, too. Android is similar but different in its own way. Not too easy to switch, too.
  11. mooshe

    mooshe New Member

    I think they called it "Froyo" XD
  12. jvreyes123

    jvreyes123 New Member

    after a razer monitor, my next wish would be for a razer phone!
  13. Well, since everyone here is talking about UI. My idea on that would be a TouchWiz type, but something that actually works, and like the infamous Blade, without crapware.
  14. RaZ87

    RaZ87 New Member

    A Razer Phone based on Android will be a very attractive product !

    But please, not restrict it to America like the Blade !
  15. zekie

    zekie New Member

    I think we could all enjoy a phone from Razer! But if they made one it would have to be specifically for gaming, I think I'd like a Razer tablet more than a phone!
  16. astarias

    astarias New Member

    Hm, you just reminded me that I was looking at the switchblade and can't seem to find info anywhere. What happen?
  17. Yunox

    Yunox Member

    You can play your PC games with ur Shield too on ur TV so why selling it?
    You just need the right HDMI cable ... I got mine for 4€ on Ebay
  18. Razer gave away those iPhone cases so they obviously do have a phone design aesthetic already. While I would love to have a razer phone, i'm not sure what they could do that other people couldn't, which is probably why we have not seen a phone from them yet. There actually has been an emphasis on gaming from other phone manufacturers. Just on more stupid games.
  19. Joker416

    Joker416 New Member

    they should call it like naga or something like tht, or even pheonix or some kind of mythical beast, i would say somethin like cyborg
  20. Cyborg would be too Meta
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