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Razer Products and Europe

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vestieri, Jan 5, 2015.

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  1. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    Goodmorning all!

    Being relatively new on Razer Insider, however not new in gaming, I am wondering one important issue in particular. Why is it that several (maybe even the most important!) products are not available in Europe? Reading comments and threats, this is a question that frequently pops up for many Razer minded gamers. For the Nabu, it is kind of understandable as this is a new product with limited stock. However, the blade has been around for some time, and it is an incredible annoyance for a European Razer fan to not have the opportunity to obtain the very masterpiece.

    As I am, after a very long while, finally in the position to buy a new gaming laptop this question is surfacing more urgently. If there would be a possibility for Europeans to buy the blade in the recent future, I will wait. However, if not, I'll buy an Alienware asap.

    Is it possible to give us some more insights on worldwide availability?

    Love to hear from you guys at Razer!

    Greetings from the Netherlands!

    Cyriel, aka Vestieri, aka Hibbelstitz
  2. Rontheking07

    Rontheking07 Member

    I agree. The communication and distribution between Razer and European gamers isn't as great as on the American site which is disappointing tbh.
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  3. d3rut4

    d3rut4 New Member

    I think for the Razer Blade the problem come from so many different keyboard layout...
    UK QWERTY is different than the US one, spanish and italian are also QWERTY but still slightly different. After that you have french who go AZERTY, german is QWERTZ etc ...

    It just giving headache, as a french and for the price of the beast I'll not accept working in french with not a french keyboard.

    So good luck to the one who will find the solution and grant us opportunity to get a Razer Blade anywhere in EU :)
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  4. Rontheking07

    Rontheking07 Member

    But the irony is, their Blackwidow keyboards and such are all available. So how is this keyboard suddenly a problem ? Plus besides UK, most EU countries all use the US lay out.
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  5. yannickverc_no_id

    yannickverc_no_id Active Member

    To be honest, if you can afford a 3.000$ gaming laptop, you can afford the 50$ shipping.. :D (Or wait until they do a 25% off shipping code)
  6. d3rut4

    d3rut4 New Member

    No the blackwidow ultimate stealth is not available in France same as the Deathstalker ultimate for example.

    The problem is not to deliver a "simple" keyboard with different layout but a laptop.

    And no, at least UK France and Germany are not using US layout, just the 3 biggest european gaming communities :/ I may think for UK the problem is less.
  7. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    Remember that Razer is still a growing company. I'm sure that at some point they will open a base in EU to distribute products - it would be silly not to considering the potential in the EU market and the amount of Razer fans in EU.
  8. Rontheking07

    Rontheking07 Member

    Allright well I am not from those countries, so I would't know.
  9. Rontheking07

    Rontheking07 Member

    I think after all the support, the insane CES victory's and Esports team they have, I think growing company is out of the question as of late.
  10. nexhia

    nexhia Guest

    The faster company grows the more work there is to maintain standards, sometimes expanding needs to wait.
  11. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    true, however they won't ship to the netherlands..
  12. yannickverc_no_id

    yannickverc_no_id Active Member

    Oh wauw, they dont? :eek:
  13. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    not the blade. Pretty much anything, but the blade :blush:
  14. yannickverc_no_id

    yannickverc_no_id Active Member

    Oh wauw, that's stupid :/
  15. Rontheking07

    Rontheking07 Member

    Thats what this thread is about haha!
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  16. Rontheking07

    Rontheking07 Member

    Yes true, but the blade has been out since 2011 and it's 2015. You'd say they could have "expanded" by now no ? Especially since every other of their awesome products are available in Europe with no problem what so ever. Like every new product except the Blade.
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  17. kajira

    kajira Mother of Gaming

    I'm actually hoping a staff member hops in here to explain this from an actual Razer perspective and give accurate reasons. However, I can take a guess ... I'm going to say that most likely they're having legal issues. When you import something to a foreign country from the USA you have to pass certain customs laws, trademark laws, etc. It's quite possible that since a full laptop carries more than just the Razer brand inside (Intel processors, Nvidia GPU, etc) that it's much harder to get the legals and licensing. That being the case, since they are growing so quickly it's quite possible that things that take that kind of time and effort are being currently done slowly or have been put to the back burner while they focus on the new products. Couple that with needing a different keyboard layout for each country and it's a LOT of work!!

    While it would be fantastic to get everything into every country's hands at the same time, I really think some markets are much harder than others and they'll need the profits from some of their newer products to finance getting the older products into more peoples hands.
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  18. MiNiMiZeR

    MiNiMiZeR New Member

    I don't know if it's better not selling it at all or, as other companies do in my country (Italy), selling their "new" model 7+ months after it's out in other EU countries, just about time the next gen is announced
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  19. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    That would be a reasonable explanation indeed.
  20. Cyve06

    Cyve06 New Member

    I do use my blade (when it was working ...) with the qwerty keyboard, just change the layout on windows and move some keyboard keys to be like on the Azerty one.

    Not really annoying (my only problem is the f***** warranty, which is painful to use when you're outside of NA :angry:)

    But in fact I don't think it's really tricky for a big enterprise to offer all their products all over the world. Otherwise how other companies (from the smallest to the largest ones) can offer their goods in Europe, NA, Asia etc. ?
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