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Razer raiju mobile and it's annoying lack of fetures

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by masterofdharma, Jan 17, 2019.


Who would like to be able to customize there on screen experience from a controller.

  1. Sounds like a nice idea to make my own or use others.

  2. I'm alright with Razer doing it for me and less options

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  3. I would like Razer to give each option, the ones they did, as well as the communitys created ones.

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  1. masterofdharma

    masterofdharma New Member

    I just got the Razer raiju controller and there is no on screen mapping, doesn't work with apps other then the ones specific to what is says it works with, even apps that have controller support to begin with don't work with the "pro controller" and the apps that apparently are there that do work are not fully mapped out. Example! Vainglory, the one with the picture of a girl worrior thing. Workes with movement and abilitys but you have to use the screen to select the abilitys you want to unlock. The 4 special extra buttons are not even being used. There just extras for buttons we already use. So what Razer I'd basically saying is "we can give you more options of buttons to press, but there just doing the same thing as some other button. But hay, you choose witch button it is" not cool. If we are spending 165$ (includeing tax) we should be able to do the same thing as octopus. A free app that lets PS4 and other controllers work on your screen. If this is a gaming company made by gamers, for gamers. Why can't we customize are controls to different games. It literally would have been easier to give us the option to do 3 different things, map are buttons to the screen, save them, and use them. Then them going through and choosing so many random games, (and some don't even exist on the playstore any more) like the amazing spider Man 2 for example. On there list as supported, but it's not even on the playstore, just saying Razer. But because Razer made there controller this way it doesn't even work with octopus. And games on there pay you to play don't work with there controller. This is just, a pain. Can someone help me to understand what to do? And I'm on the Razer phone 2... I love Razer stuff but come on... This is a bit ridiculous. Your not even using all the buttons in most games you mapped yourself. Nvidia has been doing with on there tablets and you can even use other people's if they post it online for everyone to look at, and it's easy to do, and your compeditor, the rog phone does this, what I'm asking about. Why can't you. (Edit) games that do work on other mobile platforms don't work on your phone and are not listed in the "may work, but it's not are falt if it doesnt" section and "there's nothing we can do about it". Ok why are you spewing random garbage Razer. The list has far and few between of what may work with normal Razer controls and what are "fully compatable". I'm just so disappoint in this.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2019
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