razer raiju tournament edition. right analog lag problem

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by coveImperialBluesmart165, Aug 31, 2018.

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  1. hi i have just got my razer raiju tournement editon today. 31-08-18.

    i am having major problems with the right analog stick. when in game a shooter! when trying to aim at the enemy it will randomly put my aim off. like there is a inout lag. i have tried both wired connection and BT to the ps4 pro and they both do the same? do i have to update the controller?
  2. Murkku

    Murkku New Member

    I had the same happening on my Raiju Ultimate (non-tournament) controller when battery was low (even when using wired/USB). App says it's running v. firmware. Upgrade anywhere yet?
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  3. i dont know how to?

    im on firmware V1.0.11.0 how do i update it?
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  4. Murkku

    Murkku New Member

    I have no idea, this is the version it shipped with.
  5. PasilanMies

    PasilanMies New Member


    I have same problems with my Raiju Ultimate. Wired has serious lag and slowdowns and left trigger doesn't work properly if switched trigger-stops on. Bluetooth works pretty good but i think stick sensitivities are a little bit off. Hard to aim in R6: Siege so if there's chance to change them with mobile app, that would be nice.

    Really needs a update. Hopefully this controllers support won't end like a previous Raiju.
  6. now that i have tested the controller for a day now in COD and Fortnite the sticks are lagging and now when i activate the quick triggers they only seem to work now and again (BT) now if i plug in the USB everything is so much worst! and the games are unplayable is there an update to the firmware? or am i sending this controller back?
  7. PasilanMies

    PasilanMies New Member

    I am too seeing a lag in sticks now i have trying to playing with this. Hopefully Razer has acknowledged or saw this somehow. Wired is useless even on PC with the lag and slowdowns etc.
  8. Murkku

    Murkku New Member

    I’ve reported this to Razer via support already. Weird enough, I now find very little info about the new Raijus on their website except that they’re out of stock. Hope it’s not a sign of recall for all..
  9. PasilanMies

    PasilanMies New Member

    Yeah, me too. I emailed them via phone app too.
    If they recall it, hopefully we get updated ones too. Hopefully they answer soon.
  10. hello support anyone there?
  11. Neocloud7

    Neocloud7 New Member

    Same problem here. I hope an update soon, too much money for have it in the box.
  12. ivw now got rid it. and will not be buying from Razer AGAIN!!! POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!
  13. Murkku

    Murkku New Member

    About to do the same, not getting anywhere with Razer support.
  14. PasilanMies

    PasilanMies New Member

    I got a suggestion to rebuild PS4s database. That helped with some wired modes problems including slowdowns etc. Hair-triggers however still not working properly.
    Wireless mode have a still latency and strange stick sensitivity problems.

    Now it's going to likely being changed to new one.
  15. ive sold mine as it is a shit! and now bought a scuf!!
  16. Murkku

    Murkku New Member

    Kinda sadly, I’ve returned mine.

    Reasons being:
    1) Right stick lags & freezes intermittently. It continues in whichever direction even if you let go of the stick.
    2) Right stick turns faster to right than left. No matter the sensitivity I set for the stick(s).
    3) Hair trigger mode doesn't work reliably. Trigger stops take hold before trigger pull gets sent.
    4) Bluetooth mode unusable because of terrible input lag.
    5) None of these happen with previous version Raiju

    Eventually (month of ping pong) everything got ok and RMA process was hassle free. Rocking my old Raiju still and just maybe I’ll touch these new ones after they’re ”mature” enough.

    PS. Scuffs are far worse :)
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