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Razer Raiju Ultimate Beta V1.02 feedback

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by worldHanBluefirst720, Nov 29, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    Id like to say upfront I only tested the controller on Fortnite on a PS4 Pro. I felt it’s most noticeable on a game that requires fast input and it wouldn’t be of much use using it on a turn based or single player rpg as it doesn’t always provide you with the correct feedback.

    WIRELESS V1.01
    I played with the controller for about 7 hours on the 1.01 version which it came out of the box with which was a god awful experience both wireless and wired. The input lag was unbearable ( half a second at times ) tho I didn’t get any stick drift but it might not have been noticeable due to the insane input lag.

    WIRED V1.01
    Wired started out great but as time went by over the course of 3-4 hours the stick drift appeared every 30 seconds and it would litterally move across the screen on its own.

    WIRED Beta V1.02

    So I moved on to the beta.. let me go ahead and say everything is better. The stick drift on wired has all but disappeared, there’s no noticeable input lag on wired. The stick drift still remains however. It’s going the right direction but on the occasion it feels I lose control over my character and it moves in all directions. It happens ever so often which sometimes in bad moments it proves fatal in a game such as Fortnite. I’d like to share however that I managed to win a few solo and duo games and actually hit a pin in one of the events using this controller so it’s playable up till a certain point. I think right now what’s limiting me more is my ability to use the controller itself as I’m not used to the bindings on the new triggers and paddles. I will update once I’ve played something else over the weekend to see if it’s just my inability to use the controller atm.

    WIRELESS beta V1.02

    Input lag is still there but a lot less than what it was. I feel there’s no stick drift when playing wireless however I normally sit quite far away from my ps4 as I play on a 75 inch screen ( more than 3 meters away) if I pick up a chair n sit closer the input lag lessens ever so slightly. I haven’t played much wireless on the beta yet so I’ll try this tommorow n report back on the results when I used it a bit more.
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  2. After playing two games with Bluetooth it’s immediately noticeable there’s no drift. The input lag is bothersome but it doesn’t make it unplayable. I think between the Bluetooth and wired Bluetooth seems to be the better option for now on the beta
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  3. 7nightwing7

    7nightwing7 Active Member

    I have a lot less input lag on wired as wireless. However, the stick drift on left stick is still there. Even worse on wireless.
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  4. After update Still feel delayed.
    I feel that deadzone is bigger than raiju 1gen and DS4. I prefer the operation of raiju 1gen.
    In the firmware 1.02 wireless use feels ok, wired use is very bad.
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  5. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    Let me share my thoughts. So if you look at razer official store raiju isn't listed as a product and I can't find any at the stores in my country so they rolled it back. When I contacted support for the first time was when I updated my 1gen, they send me some firmware never worked out in the end so I sent it back and bought the ultimate same story with the firmware nothing works out in my case and support advice me again to send it back. So the once left are Guinea pigs testing their tries for a fix and the options we have left is sending the controller back getting a refund and waiting for the time they finally fix it and then bay it or waiting and hoping we get a fix but they aren't saying anything and we are sitting in the dark.
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  6. Acacyn

    Acacyn New Member

    Im on the 1.02 beta aswell.
    Everything is fine, except the stick drift is worse than ever before on both of the sticks.
    Makes the controller absolutely useless.
  7. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    So my guess is depending on the batch the results are different
  8. Acacyn

    Acacyn New Member

    When i received my ultimate, the hairtriggers did not work.
    I loaded the update and everything was perfect.
    After an intense weekend of playing, back when black ops 4 launched the drift on both sticks started to get noticeable.
    Then i loaded the 1.02 beta and the stick drift was still there.
    I play dark souls 3 pvp alot and the drift was irrelevant on this, because the game itself has a bigger deadzone (more movement of the stick is required to force the character to move).
    But now that changed aswell.
    It seems like the more i play, the worse the drift gets.
    I start to believe that this is faulty hardware and not software.
    I would like it to be a software issue, but a software bug stays the same, while a hardware issue gets worse imo.
  9. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    So for me things are simple now. I'm sending it back and ordering a Scuf since I'll be waiting better to wait for something I know when will arrive.
  10. I’d like to update here, spend some time on playing a different game other than Fortnite where I didn’t have to change controller binds. Only played Bluetooth so far and I notice next to no issues playing this game. I feel a lot of people probably misunderstand stick drift and input lag when playing with v1.02 thing is I think the primary problem for people changing from a DS4 to the raiju is the deadzone of the stick is way different.

    I notice it really well playing another game where movement is limited to a certain amount no matter how far I move the stick it goes at a set speed.

    In any shooter however where I’m aiming I overshoot across my target with the crosshair on a lot of occasions simply cuz my reflexes are based off the DS4 and I tend to overmove the stick. People would allocate that to input lag or drifting but it’s actually you not being used to the controller. I reckon playing on the raiju for a few weeks or so is needed to truely determine if there’s an issue or not when your reflexes have adjusted to the controller.

    TL;DR: played a different game on Bluetooth - no issues after 4h of play
  11. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    Lol bro I don't actually know what to call it when my cursor moves on it's own even when the controller is on the table and I can make a video. So will you tell me please what should I be calling it?
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  12. Acacyn

    Acacyn New Member

    The sticksensitivity on Razer controllers in general differ from the DS4 and you have to adapt to the feel, wich is no problem.
    BUT if the cursor, character or cameraangle moves on its own by just resting your thumb on the stick or without touching the stick at all, then the controller is useless.
    Trust me, most of us know the difference between a deadzonedifference or a stickdrift.
    It looks like YOU dont know what we are talking about.
    This is in no way an offense.
  13. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    Well my friend dead zone should probably be the movement actually needed for the tumbstick to register movement maybe?
  14. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    And don't worry I'm not offended in any way. We are just making a discussion:)
  15. I experienced the same issues on v1.01 & Wired v1.02 tho I don’t notice an issue on Bluetooth other than maybe the occasional input lag. And you don’t adapt to that feeling overnight, it takes time to adjust to something your reflexes are used to. Not saying litterally everyone leaving a comment isn’t experiencing an issue, however people who complain about minor camera shifts or aiming problems which I’ve seen plenty off on other topics might just have problems adapting.

    Also you have yet to share whether you play wired or wireless making me believe you haven’t tried both? Let me tell you if the issue you experience changes based on wired or wireless it cannot be a hardware problem.

    Also it’s very much possible issues get worse overtime. On 1.01 I encountered the stick drift getting worse the longer I played, primarily what that shows is that some values are overflowing or reaching their limits / boundaries and the software tries to compensate in the form of drifting. Installing the 1.02 patch couldn’t have fixed that if it was a hardware issue?

    In the end the controller sends nothing but signals to be translated by drivers, I reckon the driver is faulty causing the signals to be translated incorrectly and increasingly so due to clogging if you will.
  16. Perhaps if you’d share your issues here in more detail it might help?
  17. Acacyn

    Acacyn New Member

    This post was not directed to you lol
  18. TokTikTak

    TokTikTak New Member

    Well I've tried both wired and BT. When wired it's just unplayable. I haven't used DS4 for half a year now since I first bought the 1gen raiju. Whit the 1gen I had no problems whatsoever but that changed when I updated. Since I bought the ultimate practically with the firmware only the input lag was the only thing that was affected and like I said wired was and still is unplayable and the problem described (cursor moving on it's own) seems like getting worse not only on BT but on wired. The other thing is the time and way the left stick is reacting. Deadzone isn't the problem rather than that it doesn't matter if I've moved the stick like 1mm or 2mm (that's when I try to move to the left) the cursor moves at the same slow pace.
  19. I know it was just a question
  20. You have drift on BT? I only own the controller for about a week n haven’t gotten any drift on BT since the v1.02
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