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Razer Raiju Ultimate Firmware BETA

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by E4M0N, Nov 2, 2018.

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  1. ClownHeishiro

    ClownHeishiro New Member

    Same issues for me.
    Drift issues : left stick moves to right, right stick moves to up.
    The issue start 2 hours ago. Before that, played without problem while only 1 Week.

    (Sorry for my English, i'm French)
  2. when do you release the definitive fimwere? 3 months the gamepad is unusable
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  3. Bl4storbl4de

    Bl4storbl4de New Member

    yes i agreed this situation it's ridiculous for a €200 controller ...
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  4. Rhomulous

    Rhomulous New Member

    This has been my first purchase into the Razer world - Needless to say I'm proper disappointed. this product hasn't received an update to the firmware for so long. Have the developers abandoned support for the Ultimate?

    The Beta was being sent out to those who shouted the loudest back in November!!! It's January now and nothing ............. near £200 for a controller that's far from "Ultimate" ......... please don't say I've wasted my money?!?!?!
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