Razer Raiju Ultimate New Batch v1.04

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by stavrosmangaros, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. webpulseAero702

    webpulseAero702 New Member

    Yikes this is my third controller. Going to test it no stickdrift so far. Dont know if i should update the firmware to 1.03
  2. aboodvic

    aboodvic New Member

    i will lit u know , same for me it's from Jarir store
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  3. Alexa_sa

    Alexa_sa New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply, Do u have a Twitter or instagram so that i make sure u don’t forget?
    Im counting on you.
    And thanks again.

    Unfortunately if there’s no drift now it will be in one or two months of use, that’s what happened to me just came from no where :slightly_sad:
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  4. aboodvic

    aboodvic New Member

    i_hantoul twitter
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  5. YoungLoup

    YoungLoup New Member

    hello all,

    just have my RMA confirmed by razer support chat.
    Will give you my return about it for sure when I will receive the new controller
  6. benji_z1994

    benji_z1994 New Member

    Bought the raiju ultimate off the Australian razer store, can confirm its on v1.04 with no stick drift issues.
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  7. Faby_2819

    Faby_2819 New Member

    I bought like 3-4controller in the last 12 months startet with the nromal razer raiju for the price of 180 euros after 3 months it was dead because of issues with the right analog stick! couldnt return it because i lost the bill MB.
    So i thoiught i was unlucky and bought a new one this one lastet for like 1.5 months than my paddel was broken but it was no problem because gamestop changed the controller. So i played like another 2 months than my right stick was not synched so the support told me that i have do update the firmware. So i did the update and nothing happened. than i contact razer support again for rma than they told me they cant rma because i dont have the originial bill.. but i have do gave gamestop the original bill when they changed my controller and they gave me a new billl where you can see the change from gamestop. After this i was mad but for my bad ... call of duty release was close so i need a new controllle with paddels so i bought the razer raiju tournament edition and omg this was the most failure i ever did. Bought it went home and the right stick was so much out of sync it was hilarious so i tried the firmware update 1.3 and nothing changed .. so i went back do gamestop and they gave me a new one but the new one also didnt work. than i contact razer support i and now i have 2 bills because gamestop gave me a new bill for my old razer raiju controller because they had it in the system . since then i write with the suppoort and there is no solution because they cant RMA they old razer raiju because they out of stock and they get no new ones so they tried do gave me a razer raiju tournament downgrade and told me thats an upgrade xD . So guys buy a Scuff Controller its much better !
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  8. benji_z1994

    benji_z1994 New Member

    I had to double check I didn’t write this, sounds like my problems.

    Had the original raiju , joysticks started to play up after couple months. Upgraded to the razer raiju ultimate on release, stick drift wasn’t bad enough for me to return it, then the right trigger broke so had to return it. The new raiju ultimate I received was unplayable with the drifting, so returned that one. Bought the nacon pro 2 controller, which is good but not a fan of joystick layout. Kept eyes on these threads and waited to see when the issues was fixed with the ultimate so I could repurchase. It is a great controller when it’s actually working.
  9. ALE5510

    ALE5510 New Member

    I am finding serious difficulties with the European customer support ... they say they are responding to emails but no message arrives even in the spam ... if I can not make myself replace this pad I will have to ask for reimbursement also with other methods I would like to avoid because long and expensive but inevitable in some cases.
  10. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    dont make it seem complicated bro, its not, dont send them emails, contact them here: https://support.razer.com/live-chat

    I did that, talk with an agent immediatelly, told to RMA it with my reseller here, i did, got an old copy, talked with them again, they sent a message to the razer warranty team, 2 days later they accepted my request from the warranty team, that i was presented 2 ways, first was to cut the cord in half, the 2 stickers with the serial number on the box and on the back of the controller, allign them all together along with the controller, take a photo and sent it to them, 2nd way is to return it, i selected to return it but they took some time to accept that so i cut the cord instead in the end, talked with the agent again from the link above, the razer live chat support, they guided me through it, i gave them the pics, they sent it to the razer warranty team, some days ago they were accepted, then i requested again that i was sent the v1.04 and not the older patch with v1.01 inside, an email was sent to me that they accepted that and the version im gonna get is the one with the latest firmware, a 2019 model, so im guessing v1.04 if thats the latest or an even more recent one. Now they are out of stock with the newest models so im waiting, i will contact them again tomorrow to see if there's a date i will be sent the controller or they will send it whenever the new batch comes again. But one last thing, when i told them i would wish to return it, before actually going through with the cut cord process, they gave me a voucher with FedEx i could use so i wouldnt be paying the expenses, so ur not gonna be paying anything, except if customs keep the controller.
  11. ALE5510

    ALE5510 New Member

    thanks friend. I tried using twitter and email because the chat I struggle with working hours. Tomorrow I will try the chat and see if anything changes!
  12. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    no problem!!! im sure u will find a solution but the only problem is everytime they tell u that they will contact u in 24 to 48 hours, they basically wont most of the times, so be sure to get back to them after a couple days
  13. jharrer1980

    jharrer1980 New Member

    Yup. I'm going through same issue of the out of stock. They offered me a credit, but I want nothing on the store . I'm so angry .I just a working controller
  14. YoungLoup

    YoungLoup New Member

    the process with RMA is so long...
    Razer your support is cooperative but it's taking ages now...

    every request takes 2-4 working days
    Video with the stick drift problems 2-4 days
    Photo of the cut of my controller 2-4 days
    validation of my rma 1-2 days
    process of sending 2-4 days (i'm there now)
    sending of the new controller 4-7 working days

    ask directly to have an voucher to directly buy a new controller on their website.

    last time I buy sometimes from them

    Alex they take 1-2 days to reply to an email
    go to the chat and harass them

    it's the only way
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  15. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    Does anyone know how you can order from the US? The US resellers only have 1.03..
  16. stavrosmangaros

    stavrosmangaros Active Member

    its true that many times you wont be send an email and get updated, but if u contact razer live chat support someone will always help you right away and they are always very helpful honestly. It takes some time for each case to be approved, thats one bummer, it takes a couple days as u said, then u will be sent an email about the methods, its gonna take some time to be approved and then its gonna take some time to get a replacement, at the moment im stuck in the last phase too cuz they are out of stock with new controllers with v1.04 so all we can do is wait.

    But no need to harass their chat, they arent responsible for the warranty team or the warehouse taking much longer and whether u harass them or be polite they will do their job and try to help you and whether ur polite or not the warranty team and the warehouse is still going to take 1-2 days to reply back to them so just be polite and patient. And honestly ur lucky here cuz most of us have the controller for many months now and have gone through with the RMA, im waiting till November, some were waiting till September.
  17. YoungLoup

    YoungLoup New Member

    When I say harass is just to go to chat to make things go faster. And chat make request for warranty team to go faster. I just cut my wire for RMA last week so right now I don't have any controller and any visibility when I will have a new one. It's really annoying. I buy last october so I can't ask amazon a rma and I don't have guaranty that it will be the 2019 version with 1.04 firmware on amazon

    I'm always be polite and sincere about what I feel.

    The only responsible here is Razer, and not us.
    They are taking us in otage with the ridiculous product.
    They are here to find the best solution and the only public statement that they made is
    if you have an personnal issue about our product, contact our chat support.

    if you are waiting since november, I don't know which controller you have but on their EU store, they have controller in stock. the controller is still on store, it's unbelievable.
    So it should be Razer to manage to respect their RMA and their customer.
    and not us to suffer for their technical problems.

    By the way, happy valentine day by Razer

    and don't get me wrong, I love this controller so much that's why it hurts me even more to have this technical issue
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  18. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    The controller was amazing when it was working correctly. But, I'm done with Razer. This whole thing is a joke. They keep peddling this crap onto customers. No responses on here and there social media responses have been a joke.

    The only thing at this point to earn me back as a customer is to do a recall on the Gen 1s. They need to make thsi right for all their customers. But, they no longer care about us.

    Just bought the Astro C40 and will hopefully use that.

    Peace out Razer. I'm done on your forums now :D
  19. YoungLoup

    YoungLoup New Member

    Just received my new razer raiju TE today
    let's hope it's working without bugs.

    For info, it's shipped from hong kong.
  20. techEggplantgeo535

    techEggplantgeo535 New Member

    Does anyone know whether Amazon sells the new batch?
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