Razer Raiju Ultimate New Batch v1.04

Discussion in 'Console Peripherals' started by stavrosmangaros, Jan 29, 2019.

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  1. techCORAL138

    techCORAL138 New Member

    Probably not, but, you can RMA it directly to Razer, and theyll send you a new one instead. Or, buy one directly from Razer
  2. svfusion

    svfusion New Member

    They might be located in the States, which is why they are trying to order from Amazon. RMAing back from the States may be an issue. I've been waiting to hear back for several days now.
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  3. mrpz76

    mrpz76 New Member

    I bought few days ago from local retailer. Updated to 1.03.01 (I don't know if 01 means anything) but for now everything is perfect. No lag, no stick drift, playing TLOU online (aiming is perfect), God of War - everything is OK (Kratos stands still, no unwanted movements). Connected ONLY wired. As soon works OK by wire I'm not going to check by BT.
  4. TOMASZEK26razer

    TOMASZEK26razer New Member

    Eany quick lin to update to 1.04 please....
  5. TheNavvie

    TheNavvie New Member

    1.04 is for the new hardware only. There is no release and it won't work on the older units.
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  6. Also bought the ultimate, stickdrift was to annoying and swapped it for a new piece. Problem was even worse... I am going to swap it again. Can my seller see on the box if its from the new batch??
  7. Razer also answered me this;

    Firmware V1.04 is the manufacturer release for production and is not meant for customer updates. The firmware V1.04 has improvements that help in the manufacturing process and does not affect existing units in the market. If you're on firmware V1.03, you have the latest firmware with the latency on par with V1.04. Hope this helps.
  8. TheNavvie

    TheNavvie New Member

    They can. Should be a sticker over the top of the barcode on the box with part number: RZ06-02600300-R3G1

    Older units with the problem are RZ06-02600100-R3G1
  9. Thank u so much for fast reply and info!
  10. wxngmiiws

    wxngmiiws New Member

    I got a big problem with RMA thing. In my case, I bought the controller couple months ago in Philippines but now I’m living at Vietnam. One thing, I can’t contact with reseller in Philippines then now I’m stuck with that. I don’t know how to find my way out. I already checked live chat support however they don’t support for Vietnam
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