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Razer Raptor 27 release and thoughts

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hitEucalyptusJASPER386, Aug 8, 2019.


4K or WQHD?

  1. 4K

  2. WQHD

  1. rambler358

    rambler358 New Member

    I really don't see a design flaw with the wiring. Just connect the wires before mounting them in the slots and you'll be golden. And I've tried to find "a better monitor for half the price with better specs", and I couldn't. One of the main selling points for me was PIP/PBP functionality - none of the other gaming monitors with the Raptor's specs had it that I could find. Considering the Raptor's feature set, I think the price is a bit high but still in line and I'm sure the price should come down in the coming months. I'd really like to see a 32" version though, but the 27" will hold me over for now.
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  2. ARMOR_152

    ARMOR_152 Well-Known Member

    Agreed, that video is junk. I think they're just anti-Razer. Are there cheaper 1440p 144hz monitors? Ya, of course. But if you want the best colors, features, and performance this is it. It's even in the Tom's Hardware best monitors.,4533.html
  3. NK.33

    NK.33 Active Member

    they are saying that if you try and adjust the monitor height etc after the cables are all in place - you cannot do this....

    is this not the case?

    they dont seem anti-razer at all
  4. its got great reviews - anyone know any downsides apart from the "no 4k support?"
  5. NK.33

    NK.33 Active Member

    Still not available in UK
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