Razer Raptor 27

Discussion in 'Systems' started by Saied-Azizia-Nuaim, Mar 30, 2019.

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  1. Saied-Azizia-Nuaim

    Saied-Azizia-Nuaim New Member


    I am really excited to see this monitor in the shops, with HDR400 High Dynamic Range with 420 Nits and 144 hrz this will be really a perfect gaming monitor.
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  2. RazorRaptor.KJ

    RazorRaptor.KJ New Member

    I feel like i'm legally obligated to buy it tbh
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  3. McHammered

    McHammered New Member

    It's going to going on my wishlist. I'll probably buy one next year with my tax returns. I'd love to get one sooner, but by the time I'll have enough money set aside for it, it'll be time to do Christmas shopping. I'll also need to upgrade my GPU in order to milk that thing for all it's worth.
  4. erereboi01

    erereboi01 New Member

    nice one
    that monitor
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