Razer Ripsaw HD - Detecting incorrect resolution

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by TamerUK_, Jun 22, 2020.

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  1. TamerUK_

    TamerUK_ New Member

    So I am using a Razer Ripsaw HD to connect to various consoles, PS4, Xbox, Switch, my other PC sometimes.

    However I recently started playing around with some retro stuff that I had stored away and decided to try hook up a ps2.

    However the resolution its outputting is 576i (supported according to the product specification), but the razer ripsaw software is detecting it at 1440x288 50hz - The passthrough works absolutely fine, but I literally cant get a recording software to detect the image to record/stream.

    Can anyone assist?


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  2. 541933l02300240

    541933l02300240 New Member

    Eu também queria saber
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