Razer Ripsaw [Screen Tearing Observed When G-Sync is Enabled]

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by Gamelounge78, Jan 27, 2019.

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    I just started using G-Sync compatible and felt the need to also inform Razer about this issue.

    I use a GTX 1060 (primary) and a GTX 760 (secondary) on Windows 10 Build 17763. I set up a second dedicated game capture PC to do game capturing only. The input for my gaming PC comes through the Razer Ripsaw directly and for consoles is through a splitter to maintain HDCP (especially for the PS3 because HDCP is not disabled).

    The gaming PC (which uses a GTX 760) is set to desktop mirrored mode. The primary monitor is set to DisplayPort and the secondary monitor is set to the Razer Ripsaw on HDMI. The Razer Ripsaw is connected to the dedicated game capture PC and is output using Open Broadcaster Studio. Hopefully this is not too confusing here.

    The NVIDIA driver I am using for both machines is 417.75 for this is a hotfix that states HDMI devices caused screen tearing to G-Sync in which I disagree; G-Sync is not only applied to qualified DisplayPort/Monitor devices, but is also applied to HDMI interfaces which it should not, which I reported to NVIDIA when I tested.

    Basically, I think this is something that Razer need to know; enabling G-Sync over a mirrored display config causes screen tearing when captured over HDMI on the same GPU. Disable the Display Specific Settings in the G-Sync menu and all is well.
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