Razer Rogue V3 Fell apart

Discussion in 'Razer Gear' started by Darkarson, Apr 5, 2022.

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  1. Darkarson

    Darkarson New Member

    I got the Razer Rogue V3 17 inch December 13 2020, and it literally is falling apart . The zippers broke inside the rubber casing almost immediately , now all the zippers are broken or bendable. The right shoulder strap threading came undo and so did part of the backpack that held said shoulder strap , there is a picture of me bending one of the zipper rubbing casing and that is because the metal inside has snapped. seems like the threads on the backpack are sub optimal. My general question is this, is this normal wear and tear for a backpack you bring to work? If it is ill buy a new one but I don't think it should be in this bad shape just carrying a backpack to and from work. I have a Lenovo Legion 17 that I travel with and has been through literally hell with me, it doesn't even have so much as a broken zipper and it have had it for 5 years. Really loved the backpack and got ton of compliments on it but if this is the quality for 150 bucks no thanks. PXL_20220405_193242274.jpg PXL_20220405_193251536.jpg PXL_20220405_193251536.jpg PXL_20220405_193302976.jpg
  2. HarmerWiltriz

    HarmerWiltriz New Member

    I bought the Razer rogue backpack years ago. I really loved the design, but honestly it hasn't worn very well and it lacks pocks and places to put shit. It was really disappointing and I kind of wish I would've bought this one, even though I don't think it looks as good.
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