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Razer sale 50% Off !! (30% for Blade)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LightLine, Jan 10, 2015.


What will you buy on 12-13 Jan?

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  1. SkyweregamingNL

    SkyweregamingNL Active Member

    well actually i realized that i have a day off tomorrow, so now there is no problem anymore :D
    Vestieri likes this.
  2. Vestieri

    Vestieri Active Member

    lucky you :blush: I'll be groggy @ work tomorrow
  3. gunnersslash

    gunnersslash New Member

    i'm beteween blade and chroma :S hard decision, got the code but right now waiting for cero time
  4. MrFire34

    MrFire34 New Member

    are headsets included in the sale?
  5. gapper100

    gapper100 New Member

    Thinking of getting a keyboard, haven't decided which one though... The backlight doesn't matter all that much to me to be honest, but with the 50% discount I might as well go for the BW Chroma :)
  6. 1code

    1code New Member

    My wallet is ready! Probably going to pick up the Deathadder Classic
  7. th3g0ven0r

    th3g0ven0r New Member

    Where will the discount key be posted?
  8. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Dude, it's already posted. You should claim your own

  9. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

    Why not the Chroma edition? more dpi and cool color configuration
  10. Scarletfreshtech810

    Scarletfreshtech810 New Member

    Yes, the seiren mic will be on sale. Systems will be 30% off and Everything Else will be 50% off. The sale will start on January 12th 6:00pm.

  11. DarkRedradiodata672

    DarkRedradiodata672 New Member

    where is the code guys? I wanna claim it so badly =(
    *Found it! Thanks! ;)
  12. lightline21

    lightline21 Member

  13. Chemisery

    Chemisery New Member

    In case you didn't notice, they have removed the mouse pad that was initially bundled with the mouse.
  14. Andrea2603

    Andrea2603 New Member

    Hell yeah! This might be the right time to buy a Chroma Keyboard!
  15. 1code

    1code New Member

    hmm, that might be a valid option aswell. Gonna check it out! c:
  16. 1code

    1code New Member

    yea, that sucks. :c
  17. godzai

    godzai New Member

    I would love to have a 14 razer blade pro, cant wait the sales open!
  18. Awesome, sad to see all the Razer Blades are not in stock though...... :slightly_sad:
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