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Razer Seirēn - Battle

Discussion in 'Broadcaster' started by MrKaMaZzI, Oct 24, 2017.


Which microphone is the best?

  1. Razer Seirēn (basic)

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  2. Razer Seirēn Pro

  3. Razer Seirēn X

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  1. MrKaMaZzI

    MrKaMaZzI New Member

    Hi all, I currently have a Razer Seirēn in basic version, soon I am going to make a small upgrade of my microphone. Will the Seirēn Pro come out much better than the new Razer Seirēn X and will there be a lot of quality between these microphones?
    I also know that I will need an audio interface to take advantage of the potential of the Pro version.
    Sorry for my weak English.
    Best wishes!
  2. DestaYangYang

    DestaYangYang Active Member

    Razer Seirēn X!

    Cheap and Fresh and New and Razer!:wink_:
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  3. Hucast

    Hucast Well-Known Member

    I voted Pro, just because. I don't do that stuff anyway.
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