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Razer Seiren X Suddenly Making Crackling Noises

Discussion in 'Razer Support' started by RaoulasaurasRex, Jul 2, 2020.

  1. RaoulasaurasRex

    RaoulasaurasRex New Member

    Recently purchased a Razer Seiren X to get started on a hobby; streaming/recording gameplay and the like. Worked with it for about half a day, just working with general raw audio, nothing wrong aside from the microphone picking up most of the noises in my room. I wanted a general feel for what I needed to apply as far as filters go. Well, this morning, I booted up Streamlabs, and noticed that the audio monitoring showed a constant up and down, even though there was no noise in the room. I recorded a couple minutes of audio and found that a strange crackling/popping sound was very clearly muddling up the audio. I've looked online for various solutions, and none of them have stuck. Short list of the notable things I have tried to fix the problem.

    -Noise Gate
    -Noise Suppression
    -Matching sample rates between OBS and the Computer
    -Synapse has no support for the Seiren, so that's a no-go.
    -I have no alternate USBs to use, and for all of yesterday it was plugged in and nothing's changed between last night and this morning, so I don't see why the USB ports would be causing the issue.
    -My phone and Modem have all been in the room since I started using it, and like previously stated, the noise was not present last night, and just started appearing this morning.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. I paid normal price for the microphone, and it's sad that I could have just used my headset mic and gotten better quality than this.
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