[Razer Setup] Razer Eye Candy Setup (NZXT H440)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AppleAlex, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    Felt like it was about time to show off my Razer Setup a bit and get some of you guys opinions! As you can imagine I've spent an obscene amount of money... like any of us here pretty much.... Loving it so far, about to upgrade to all Chroma Peripherals!

    Well anyways, I've attached a few photos below, let me know if there is anything else you want to see! I also have a substantial collection of Apple Products, so if anyone here happens to want to see that part of my desk, let me know....

    Setup Consists of:
    • NZXT H440 Razer Edition (PC Build)
      • Intel Quad-Core i7-4790K (Clocked at 4GHz)
      • Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 Motherboard
      • Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix Graphics Card
      • Avexir Venom Series 8GB RAM (Lights Up green)
      • NZXT Kraken X61 Water Cooling
      • 3TB WD HD
      • 512GB Crucial SSD
      • LG 34UM65-P 34" 21:9 IPS Monitor
    • Razer DeathAdder
    • Razer DeathStalker
    • Razer Kraken 7.1
    • Razer Goliathus Extended
    • Razer Adaro Wireless
    • Razer Nabu (Beta Edition)
    • Razer Nabu (Developer Edition)
    • Razer Nabu X Black
    • Razer Nabu X White
    • Razer Leviathan
    • Razer Headphone Stand
    • Razer Armadillo 2
    • Razer Metallic Emblem Winner
    DSC_6749.jpg DSC_6750.jpg DSC_6760.jpg P1050266.jpg P1050267.jpg P1050269.jpg DSC_6766.jpg
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  2. astrixx

    astrixx New Member

    Oh... My...Green...Goodness...
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  3. technokat

    technokat Director, Social Marketing Staff Member

    Sweet - don't mind me sharing this on our Facebook!
  4. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    That would be wonderful! Thanks man!!
  5. number12

    number12 Active Member

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  6. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    Oh my! Long lost brother! Out of interest, are the stickers on your Corsair fans not quite central, so when they spin they look a little odd? haha
  7. number12

    number12 Active Member

    yup lol
  8. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    Nice! do you work for Razer? LOL

    I will ditch the 34UM65 for 95 or 97!
  9. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    Haha I wish I did! I work in an Apple Authorised Reseller, Student and App developer!

    I agree, I've had this monitor for quite a while, I've been considering the 34UM97 to use with my Retina MacBook Pro actually ;) suppose I could make it multipurpose.
  10. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member


    I had 34um65, but find the PPI is just too small. i like the U3415w or 34UM97, curve is so sexy. However, i just brought a ASUS PB278 (1440p) monitor few months ago, will stay with that for now.

    Your setup is sick man. thx for sharing.

    Waiting, you have Imac 5k? How can you eyes get adjusted?
  11. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    Yeah I agree!

    No problem at all, love to get it out there and get peoples opinions on it!

    Haha yeah I do... I honestly don't know how my eyes adjust... I go from a Retina Display on my iPhone, my Apple Watch, my MacBook and my 5K iMac to something as low res as that... I make sure I sit far away haha!
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  12. cyncle

    cyncle Active Member

    Nice, I wish i had that much funds for Toys! Good stuff!
  13. waitforiiiiit

    waitforiiiiit New Member

    Hi! Fantastic setup you've got going on there. Could you tell me what brand the 140mm green fans are? :D
  14. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    Thank you very much! :D

    Corsair CO-9050037-WW Air Series SP140 LED 140mm Low Noise High Pressure LED Fan Duel Pack, Green
    On amazon and it should show up! They do sell them separately too.
  15. Stargazer_Ngc-2008

    Stargazer_Ngc-2008 New Member

    So why did you go for the UM65 and not the UM95? I'm looking at a 34" Ultrawide, and either the UM95 or the Dell curved 34" Ultrawide display? Both are expensive, and would require I get a new PC - whereas if I got a UM65 I might be able to run it on my Alienware M-18x R2? Any thoughts?
  16. Basker

    Basker Member

    Coolest Setup i ever seen! Just WOW! :eek: Wish i got the Money for that ;3
  17. Basker

    Basker Member

    Can i see you're Nabu(Deve),(Beta) and Nabu X?
    Are the Nabu X good or??
  18. Ovol1

    Ovol1 Active Member

    What motherboard are you using I couldn't see it in the list of parts, maybe I'm just blind.
  19. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    At the time there was a huge price difference between the UM65 and the UM95, so I decided to go for the cheaper option. I wanted to be able to get 60FPS from my GTX 970 at max/ultra settings on most games, so the lower resolution offered by the UM65 seemed suitable!

    If I was you, I would fork out for a UM95 if you can afford a new PC! Im likely going to buy another GTX 970, run them in SLI and then buy a UM95 most likely. Hope that helps!
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  20. AppleAlex

    AppleAlex Active Member

    Haha thank you for your kind words! Im not done yet, Chroma devices coming soon ;)

    Hmmmm well, the Nabu X is pretty nice, I mean for the price and what it does its excellent! But I also have an Apple Watch... so my Nabu is normally put aside and only used when testing out my App I'm working on :)
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