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Razer Silver for Your Thoughts - Earn More Silver

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dekades, Aug 12, 2019.

  1. rasorboylel

    rasorboylel New Member

    mine too :wink_: :smile_:
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  2. Daece187

    Daece187 New Member

    Indeed, this post is worth some silver.
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  3. TheGamingGuysx2

    TheGamingGuysx2 New Member

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  4. DwelfGG

    DwelfGG New Member

    I am happy to see that Razer cares about their customers!
  5. cityHeatWavetech225

    cityHeatWavetech225 New Member

    Pc Specs

    Ryzen 7 3700x
    EVGA Geforce RTX 2060
    2x8 16gb crucial ballistix RAM
    Samsung 970 evo plus 500gb ssd
  6. Sick! This will be awesome!
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  7. yes
  8. DrizztD0

    DrizztD0 New Member

    Vamos ahi!!!!
  9. Valeriosmit

    Valeriosmit New Member

    good job on the writing man :)
  10. DrizztD0

    DrizztD0 New Member

    Se intenta
  11. oonakarinoo

    oonakarinoo New Member

  12. plyshkaa

    plyshkaa New Member

    very cool :relaxed:
  13. sjeezy101

    sjeezy101 New Member

    what ways can we earn silver or gold and is it worth the time?
  14. Susp1ciousWizard

    Susp1ciousWizard New Member

    Incentivise me like one of your french girls.
  15. Petya67

    Petya67 Member

    Thank you for the update.
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  16. JusTTSama

    JusTTSama New Member

    Gimme some silver? :big_grin_::wink_:
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  17. BIG420nation

    BIG420nation New Member

    awesome sauce and here i go....
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  18. BIG420nation

    BIG420nation New Member

    razer is the only brand i rock with!
  19. BIG420nation

    BIG420nation New Member

    its always nice to win anything!!
  20. Theace2

    Theace2 New Member

    It is great tips on game and I have found your thought regard game is very working and apply to create fun and excitement.
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