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Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by KumieGaming, Sep 13, 2020.


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  1. Razerbladescut

    Razerbladescut New Member

  2. 052417

    052417 New Member

  3. grayyeon

    grayyeon New Member

    looking for squad i can play everyday with over 4hours of gameplay valorant or dota2
  4. dezzorix

    dezzorix New Member

  5. Lorisp93

    Lorisp93 New Member

    Ciao ragazzi sto cercando una squadra per la stagione 2 fatta da corteccia, gioco più di 4 ore al giorno soprattutto al mattino a call of duty warzone. Sto cercando ragazzi di lingua italiana o inglese. Ecco il mio link, grazie.

    Hi guys I'm looking for the team for season 2 made from bark, I play more than 4 hours a day especially in the morning of call of duty warzone. I'm looking for Italian or English speaking guys. Here is my link, thanks.
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  6. -M_B_K-

    -M_B_K- New Member

  7. lama512

    lama512 New Member

  8. dezzorix

    dezzorix New Member

  9. UltraViolentWayz

    UltraViolentWayz New Member

    I joined you, i play a good bit of fortnite.
  10. Jevnation

    Jevnation New Member

    Thanks for posting! I've joined your team and will contribute the hours for our team.
    Among my backlog games, Deep Rock Galactic and Team Fortress 2 are my regular games.
  11. overdrive04

    overdrive04 New Member

  12. NScryerPC

    NScryerPC New Member

  13. ziprus_wil

    ziprus_wil New Member

  14. DWK55

    DWK55 New Member

  15. aleesalami

    aleesalami New Member

  16. xjoker09

    xjoker09 New Member

  17. Lulamine

    Lulamine New Member

  18. Azzure11

    Azzure11 New Member

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