Razer Squad Season 2 Invite Links

Discussion in 'Razer Gold & Silver' started by KumieGaming, Sep 13, 2020.


Are you A decent player?

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  1. arnoske

    arnoske New Member

  2. Looking for an active squad, I have 12 hours and very active
  3. Sacius

    Sacius Well-Known Member

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  4. 052417

    052417 New Member

    @Selidie please communicate with us so we could plan on the squad competition. we are on the same team
  5. Tomexs

    Tomexs New Member

  6. DestructX

    DestructX New Member

  7. Kelemvor

    Kelemvor New Member

    Zemun13 ok done, if you want send me a link to join in your team
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  8. DestructX

    DestructX New Member

  9. Kelemvor

    Kelemvor New Member

    ok, when I get home I join the team.

    Added to discord Kelemvor#2955
  10. benderson777

    benderson777 New Member

  11. Kelemvor

    Kelemvor New Member

  12. DestructX

    DestructX New Member

    write me on discord when you wanna join, so I will make space
  13. 3StoriesDMS

    3StoriesDMS New Member

  14. Lotilus97

    Lotilus97 New Member

  15. Enmakozato

    Enmakozato Member

  16. Enmakozato

    Enmakozato Member

  17. daotpeke

    daotpeke New Member

    joined ur squuad
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  18. mktigerPL

    mktigerPL Member

  19. xCryptik

    xCryptik Well-Known Member VANGUARD

    Anyone need help with squad rewards?

    *Currently have 24 hours accumulated.
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  20. DWK55

    DWK55 New Member

    Git 548 last week wanna go higher come get your silver and join my squad if you game for 4hrs a day at least.

    Leave interest in comments and invite link will be sent.


    =^._ .^=
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