Razer Stealth + Core owners : Are you happy with it?

Discussion in 'Systems' started by TK-1987, Sep 15, 2016.

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  1. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    So I'm directing this question to Razer stealth + Razer core owners. I want opinions on people that have actually had the chance to use this combination and not those who have read articles and looked at benchmarks. Because I myself have done this and am still unsure about it.

    So I'm considering getting the new Razer blade stealth with a Razer Core. My main purpose and use for this is going to be work and school. I'm going for my Auto CAD certificate and am currently using Revit and Inventor. Drawing on these programs isn't very intensive and could be done using the Razer blade stealth. And I like doing my drawings in the comfort of my home instead of staying in class once the lecture is over. So hence my want for something small and light to easily carry around and do some work on it.

    At home or when I'm away from home at a friends house I plan to use the core. I already have a spare gpu lying around that I can use. But I don't plan on using an external display as to keep the bulk down. And I have a camera tech bag so I can easily carry the Blade Stealth and the Core when need to do so.

    Now the main reason I'm considering the stealth and core combo is because I do my gaming on my home desktop PC. But as I mentioned I could use a laptop for work and school and when away from home I can use the core to boost my stealths performance using my old gpus that I've replaced in my main desktop. And this way I think I can get more mileage out of a Razer Blade Stealth instead of buying a new laptop every two years or so.

    So are there any short comings to the Razer core combo that I've overlooked?
  2. I have them and have been using both for a couple of weeks. Most of the kinks are worked out at this point, but there were some hiccups along the way. I've been pleasantly surprised with how well the combo works. My only real complaint at this point with the core is that it is loud. Not just the video card fans, but the case/psu fans can get really loud at full load. I'm running a GTX 1080 in there though.
  3. TK-1987

    TK-1987 Well-Known Member

    How do you normally use your stealth on a day to day basis? And what were some of the issues you ran into that you mentioned?
  4. Core at work and home, use the same device in both arenas. I work IT so at work pushing multiple monitors and running remote sessions and PS. At home, gaming.
  5. Yousif47

    Yousif47 Active Member

    I have the RBS and the Core and I am extremley happy with them
    go fo it
  6. Adlies

    Adlies Member

    I have the core and im happy with it bro I recommend it.
  7. Hsmyung93

    Hsmyung93 Member

    Other than few minor issue that I am still waiting for supports replies (usb issues from core) and few hiccups here and there, I am generally impressed with titan xp in my core.
  8. Adlies

    Adlies Member

    I just got a usb issue and Im waiting for a reply :slightly_sad:
  9. soloRuberlab954

    soloRuberlab954 New Member

    I too have the usb issues and I agree the core does get pretty loud when gaming and I can sometimes have a hard time getting it to switch displays from my rbs or xps15 to my external monitor. That being said, I would buy it again in a heartbeat. Sure its $500, but that is a relatively small price to pay for such a versatile device that can turn a regular laptop w/ tb3 port into a gaming monster. My rbs+stealth+1070 runs my oculus setup without issue.
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  10. Not worth it to me at this point. Can't connect any USB devices to it and the ethernet adapter cuts out.
  11. Adlies

    Adlies Member

    Thats the same issue as mine but I dont use an ethernet adapter. USB slots are useless
  12. Brisingr_Phoenix

    Brisingr_Phoenix Active Member

    The only problems I have is usually I need to powercycle [the core] to get my stealth to recognize it, sometimes I can get a blue screen(usually after updating graphics drivers), I only have my Blackwidow and Ethernet plugged into the core in order to get the greatest performance from the 6gb/s output. If it makes any difference- I'm running a GTX 950 FTW ACX 2.0
    Overall: I'm really happy with it and it's still probably the very best egpu you can get at this moment in time.
  13. Adlies

    Adlies Member

    Do you have any USB recognition issues?
  14. doesn't help that the mods close all the the threads. We never get to hear if these is a fix.
  15. Adlies

    Adlies Member

    Yeah I think that the threads are on a week time limit when you post them I dont think the mods are removing them
  16. doesn't help when kids bump threads that are a month old
  17. Where did that come from? Did someone offend you?
  18. Lilacgreatvoice437

    Lilacgreatvoice437 New Member

    I had the original RBS and had a ton of issues with it and the core. I returned and upgraded to the NEW RBS 2016 and could not be happier. Only issue I have is the cord from the core to the RBS is short.

    Id say do it! Best option for work&plauy
  19. Benj1e

    Benj1e New Member

    I have a Stealth and Core that I got in September and October respectively. I bought the combo because I got really into Paragon on PS4 and wanted an alternative to play it on when my wife has control of the living room TV. I'm not a huge gamer at all, that's the only game I play and I'm definitely not, nor have ever, been a PC gamer.

    I have had no issues with the combo. Setup was a breeze, even for me. I run a GTX 1060 in it and I'm able to play Paragon just fine. I don't plug anything into the Core at the moment but I am looking to pick up an external monitor. I use a PS4 controller to play but I plug that directly into the Stealth.

    I do wish the cord from the Core to the Stealth was longer but I make it work on my desk. I kind of regret not just getting the Blade with the 1060 to be able to game on the go. When I first got the Core I was a little disappointed at its large size but me being to new to computer gaming and not realizing how big desktop GPUs are I have no one to blame but myself.

    Based on my experience I would recommended the combo to anyone looking for this type of setup. I am not very demanding of my system but it's allowed me to do exactly what I bought if for with no issues at all.
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  20. Benj1e

    Benj1e New Member

    Are you still around? I'd be interested to hear about the camera bag you use to carry the system in.
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